The Ins & Outs of Vegetable Sprouts

It’s been one week since we planted our seeds and we have enjoyed watching them pop out of the dirt in their seed cells and stretch towards the grow light.  It’s amazing actually, watching a little seed turn into an actual plant and know that one day you’ll be picking vegetables from it.  We planted our seeds last Saturday, and in just two days, we saw our first little sprout, the cucumber.  Man, that was a quick germination time!  On day three, our cabbage and zucchini popped out of the dirt, followed by the tomatoes and beans on day four.  This morning, we saw our first red pepper sprout emerge from the soil…finally!  We have been watching these seed cells closely to see if we saw “any green” in the cells, nothing… until this morning.  So far, everything that we have planted is coming up except for the oregano and cilantro, as they may have a longer germination time. 

We have also planted some strawberry seeds in our seed cells, but we have not seen anything “green” yet in these cells.  We have heard that it is difficult to start strawberries from seed (but we are trying anyways), so we decided to purchase 25 strawberry plants directly from Burpee.  The strawberry plants arrived on Friday and we planted all 25 plants in their own peat pot to get them started.  We are sure that these plants will grow up nicely under the grow lamp and will be ready to be planted outside in May.  Now the waiting begins and wonder if we’ll get any actual strawberries this year or not.  If we do, I can’t wait to pull out my Smoothie Maker and make some strawberry smoothies (with a little Rum, of course)!

We’ll be getting our soil delivered next weekend, so we’ll be able to fill the raised garden bed and start preparing the soil for planting at the end of May.  Our tomato cages have been purchased so they can hold up all of our tomato plants, and the only other thing that we need to build is our screen for our beans and cucs to grow up on, and we’ll attach that to the side of the raised garden bed. 

So that’s our first week in our seedling sprout update!  We can’t wait to see how much bigger everything gets next week.  Once they get bigger, they will be moving into a new home…their very own peat pot! 


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