Squeaky Toys Are Not The Only Things Dogs Find Interesting

Being a dog, we amuse ourselves with some of the  most interesting things.  We can walk by something and it just screams out to us to PLAY with it, so we do.  Then sometimes, things just present themselves to us, for instance, when the sun light peeks through the mini blinds and shines on the floor, we have to investigate it.  Or when the face of a watch catches the sun and makes a circle reflection on the wall or ceiling – what do we do?  We chase it around!  Even when Mommy makes dinner, I sit and watch her because I know that I will find something to play with.  When I see her open up a box of rigatoni, I go crazy, because I know that I will get the box to run around with.  Man, and I thought that I loved squeaky toys, but when I can find these other items around the house to play with, I feel as if I hit the lottery!  (actually, Mommy & Daddy won $2 on the big Mega Millions on Friday – WOW!) 

Even things outside are interesting, for example, when I sit by the front window on a windy day and I can watch pieces of trash blow by the house from the car wash down the street, as I run from window to window and watch it roll by.  From cups to cardboard boxes to even a balloon one day, they all have blown by, but I did not miss anything because I am aware of what is supposed to be in my yard!

I thought it would be fun to share with you what I find interesting to play with, and not everything is a squeaky toy either!  What do you play with?

How Do I Get This Off My Leg?


Think outside the Box? No way! Play inside of it!

Clothes Hangers are Toys too!

Even Potatoes Au Gratin from Giant Eagle are fun to play with!

Paper Towel Rolls - Can't get enough of!

Even Water Bottles can be Fun!

Chasing the Light on wall


Laundry Baskets were fun to play with when I was young

Packing Tape Rolls are Fun!

Pretzel Flips Anyone?

9 thoughts on “Squeaky Toys Are Not The Only Things Dogs Find Interesting

  1. Great post Nikita! We like to play with other things around the house too. Our daddy is a cyclist so some times we run around the house with his bike shoes. 🙂
    Bella and DiDi

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