Easter Place Card Holders

Everyone loves printables, and we have a neat one for you for Easter!  What better way to adorn your Easter dinner table – with Eggs!   Download our Easter Egg Place Card Holders that have eight different eggs decorated to Easter perfection! 


  • Download the PDF & print out on color printer on cardstock paper
  • Take out your Sharpie marker and write the names on the eggs
  • You can one of two things now – 1) Run your sheet through a laminator or 2) Just cut out the eggs on cardstock without laminating them
  • If you run the sheet through the laminator, cut out the eggs and leave a small edge around the egg to keep the laminated sheet together
  • Once all eggs are cut out, cut wooden skewers in half, approximately 6″
  • Now, attach the egg to the skewer with either tape or hot glue
  • And lastly, insert skewer into wine bottle cork

What a great way to decorate your Easter dinner table!  Here is the link to download our clever Easter Place Card Holders.  Enjoy!


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