Welcoming the Arrival of Spring

Ah, the great feeling you get with the arrival of Spring.  The flower bulbs are popping through the soil (and even came up while we still had snow on the ground), the grass is getting greener, the car radios get louder, motorcycles rumble by the house, the ice cream  truck starts showing up in the neighborhood, and the thunderstorms boom outside with a fiery crack.  All of these are the signs of Spring, not to mention all of the shedding us dogs do.  Thanks to Mommy for taking the time every day to brush & FURminate me, as I am looking so well groomed. 

Mommy and I even played in the backyard the other day and she introduced me to bubbles.  These things are really neat as they floated above my head and popped when they hit the grass.  I ran and chased these all over the yard and when they all disappeared, I looked at Mommy to say “blow some more” and she did.  Pop, pop, pop the bubbles went, but I sure had a lot of fun chasing them and trying to catch them.  Never knew these little clear floaty things could be so much fun! 

Daddy and Mommy headed back up to Home Depot to pick up some grass seed for the yard and they talked to this really nice guy in the garden area who was very knowledgeable.  He gave them some great advice on how we can cut some costs on our raised vegetable garden bed and they thanked him for his advice.

March 2011

March 2011

March 2012

We have been having some really severe thunder storms here lately.  Early Sunday morning we were all woke up by the flash of light and the crack of the lightning that made us all jump out of bed.  Man, that crack sounded like it was right in the backyard.  It just appears that all of our Spring storms are becoming more and more severe as we have never seen such severity like these before.  At least the grass is getting the water it needs to green up, but with all the rain we are getting, it is making the yard quite squishy and swampy.  We remember last year when we tried to plant our flower seeds in May that all of them got washed out and we had to replant, so we’re wondering if we are in for another rainy beginning to our Summer.  We might even start our summer flowers indoors first under our grow light so that they can get a good head start before planting them outdoors.  At least this way we will know for sure that they will have the good start they need. 

How are you enjoying your Spring?


2 thoughts on “Welcoming the Arrival of Spring

  1. Oh Nikita, how stylish you look in your rose-colored shades!! Quite a major difference in March 2012 compared to 2011 isn’t it? That was a LOT of snow last year.

    • Thanks for the nice words, but I can never compare to your stylish fashion sense! You rock in that department! Yeah, that was a lot of snow last year at this time – I had to post it when I found the photo, what a difference a year makes, eh?

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