Glasses Make Everyone Look Smarter

When I was reading the newspaper the other day, I noticed that I could not see some of the fine print that well, some things looked fuzzy, and I wondered if I needed glasses.   Hmmm, I thought.  I walked over to the bookcase where Mommy has her reading glassess, and I tried them on.  They fit perfectly and now I can see!  WOW, things are clearer and more in focus!  Don’t I look smarter now?  hee hee

Now, I wonder if the glasses will help me when I go to jump on the bed & miss, maybe they will help me when I’m outside and step in my doo doo (by accident), or when I miss pieces of my food left on the kitchen floor, now I will be able to see!   I will now be able to see the “Big Doggies” (aka: deer) in our yard, or the pieces of trash that blow down the street from the car wash that I growl at, and all the crumbs on the floor from the treats I get from Daddy after dinner (and believe me, I never forget about this time with Daddy – the second he is done with dinner, I am there in front of him begging for my treats). 

Glasses sure make The Dog, and I sure do look smarter with them on!  But, even with them off, I am one smart looking doggie!   So why is everyone laughing at my photo’s?

Love Nikita!


6 thoughts on “Glasses Make Everyone Look Smarter

  1. Nikita, you look AWESOME in your Mommy’s reading glasses! I think that you would be GREAT in commercials modeling eyeglasses! Love, Harmony XO

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