The Game of Life

If any of you have a Wii system and don’t have The Game of Life yet, you need to get it!  This game is so much fun, better than the board game!  My Mommy & Daddy just love playing this game as you can choose to either go to college or take a regular career path, you get married, buy houses, have children, sue other players (and hope they don’t sue you) for $100,000, buy a foreign sports car, land on the unexpected debt cards or we call them the “bad cards”, or land on a “good” card and win $500,000 for finding buried treasure.  No matter what you land on in this game, it’s fun to play and you get to play with either one or two computer players too!   For some reason, earlier on in our play time in this game, we thought that “certain” computer players were our arch nemesis in name only, but lately, we are finding out that the color orange in the computer players is the one who is giving us a run for our money. LOL  It’s strange on how we figured this out, but it appears that whoever is the computer generated orange player, we have to watch out for them as it appears they start off slow in the game, land on all the debt cards and have a bad streak of luck, but somehow they always come from behind and start landing on all the treasures in the game to try to beat us. 

I always find my place in the living room to be near Mommy & Daddy and either sit between them on the couch, or I find a good spot on the floor in front of the tv to nap.  They might think that I am napping, but I am actually listening to the noises in the game, and when I hear a certain noise, I know that it is the end of the game and it’s time for me to get up and head to bed.  All in all, it is a great game to play and we all get to spend time together.

Our weather has been so up and down here in Cleveland, one day it’s about 50 degrees out and the next day it could be a blustery cold 25 with snow whipping around.  It’s strange for me, because sometimes I get confused with how I can go outside one day and dig dig dig in my huge snow mound, and a few days later, that mound is gone and I see green grass.  Hmmm.  I guess the weather is typical for this time of year, but we all want to feel those warmer days already and head outside without a coat on and Mommy can’t wait to start wearing flip flops again. 

We’re also on pins and needles too and can’t wait for the weather to change, because we are installing a raised garden this year in our backyard.  We have all the seeds bought and just need to purchase the framework for the raised bed.  It is actually going to be quite simple to install, as all it is, is stacking joints for the corners & middle section and then you just slip cedar wood into the slots in two rows to make a nice height.  That’s it!  We will also be starting our seeds indoors so they can get a good start before we plant them in the garden.  We’ll have everything from 3 types of tomatoes, cucs, lettuce, cabbage, onions, strawberries, red peppers, and oregano.  We hear that Grandma can’t wait to “come shopping” in our backyard for some good veggies this year!  (hopefully grandma will make us some stuffed cabbage!)  For us, the initial price of the purchase of the materials to make the raised garden bed and the soil will be a little costly, but for all the years that follow, we will surely have some major savings add up since we won’t have to head to the grocery store to purchase all the items we get on a weekly basis.  With red peppers now being around $3.99/lb, it will be worth the trip to our backyard to pick our own!  And, of course, we will be planting our own pumpkin seeds again this year and hopefully we will have more than one pumpkin this year.  Last year we had a problem with the deer eating our vines, but we will be installing a fence around our garden area to keep them out this year. 

We’re counting down the days to our last frost in hopes that we can finally get outside and start some major yardwork!  But for me, I am going to have to stay away from eating the mulch again this year, as it made me sick last year when I nibbled on it.  Note to other doggies:  Do not eat mulch, it makes you sick and gives you the runs!  It might smell good, but it is not good for you!


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