Brushing The Pearly Whites

Today I got to experience something new – I got my teeth brushed for the first time!  WOW, doggie toothpaste tastes good as it is chicken flavored!  My Mommy took me into the bathroom this morning and at first thought, I thought that I was going to get a b-a-t-h, but no water was running so I knew I was safe.  She put a little toothpaste on her finger so I could taste it – yummy is what I thought as I licked it all off – can I have some more?  So, I saw Mommy wet the toothbrush and put some of the toothpaste on the brush then lifted up my lip a little and started to brush my teeth.  I fussed a bit because this is all new to me.  Mommy told me that we will do this every morning so I will get used to it, then we’ll work our way up to brushing my back teeth.  All in all, it was a good experience for me today, and I now have a new word to learn – toothpaste!  I hope when I hear that word, I’ll go run to the bathroom and wait for Mommy!  Daddy picked me up the toothpaste last night and this kit has three different brushes in it, one large, one small, and one that slides over your finger (Mommy’s, not mine) and the toothpaste.  (Thanks Daddy!)  I can’t wait for tomorrow morning for more chicken flavored toothpaste!   NOTE:  We asked our vet for advice regarding toothpaste for dogs and they strongly suggest to NOT use human toothpaste for dogs as the ingredients can be harmful to dogs.

I amused myself the other day by playing with an empty paper towel roll.  I love these things because I can toss it up in the air, run down the hallway with it, but when I start ripping pieces off of it, it gets taken away from me so I don’t eat any.  (Rats)  It’s amazing that I have tons of toys already, and I can still find pure joy in the simple things like a paper towel roll to make me happy! Nom nom nom!

2 thoughts on “Brushing The Pearly Whites

  1. Hi Nikita!, WOW, I bet that your teeth are nice and clean now! Aren’t us Doggies lucky! I bet our Family wishes that they had chicken flavor toothpaste instead of that minty stuff! Keep Smiling!! Love, Harmony XO

    • Ha ha, who needs the minty stuff when we got chicken flavored toothpaste! It rocks and it does make my teeth look so shiny and white! I am ready for my runway appearance now! Woof!

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