The FURminator

Spring must be close by because the bulbs are emerging from the ground through the snow and I am  losing hair like crazy!  I got FURminated today and this is the pile of what actually came off of me.  My Mommy brushes me a couple of times a week to keep me looking great, and she decided to use the FURminator today too to remove a lot of my loose hair and undercoat.   The FURminator is amazing to watch, as you start at the nap of the neck and work your way down to the butt.  About half way down the back, you will see the hair collecting on the FURminator brush.  Once you get to the rump, you just push the little button on the brush to pop off the collected hair, or you can just pull it off.  Words to the wise though, be ready for some static cling in doing so, as using the brush creates this and the hair sometimes sticks to your hands.  It’s all good though, as when you are done, you have one good looking groomed dog!

If you don’t have a FURminator, I strongly suggest you pick one up as they work wonders on hair removal.  Check out the FURminators on eBay first as they have better deals and are a lot cheaper than if you purchased one from a pet store. 

Have a great weekend!  Love, Nikita


4 thoughts on “The FURminator

    • I agree with you that there’s enough fur to make another dog! You should see it when I get FURminated in the summer! I should keep all of my fur and hot glue it to decoupage dog for the yard! Now that would be funny!

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