Scotch “Off the Roll” Tape Sculpture Contest

I just ran into something really unique & had to share it with all of you!  Scotch is having a contest in which you create items out of their shipping tape and enter them into their contest.  Entry Deadline:  March 24, 2012  Check out their website for more details & see some of last year’s winners:

Get your creativity going and enter, what do you have to lose?  The prizes are amazing – Grand prize $5,000, First prize $1,000 and Second prize $500

After seeing this, it gives me some good ideas for Halloween props!

2 thoughts on “Scotch “Off the Roll” Tape Sculpture Contest

  1. Hey Nikita, THANKS for sharing this with us! The sculptures are AWESOME!! Your Mommy is VERY TALENTED!!! I am sure that she can come up with even MORE AWESOME sculptures!!! Have a GREAT weekend! Hope for MORE SNOW!! Had 1.1 inches the other night! WOW!! Love, Harmony XO

    • Hi Ya Harmony! We just heard that we are supposed to get a snow clipper that should be arriving tonight with up to 4 inches. We’ll see what happens, but we know one thing for sure is that it is really really bitter cold outside. Brrrr

      I don’t think that my Mommmy is going to make anything for that Scotch Contest, but it did give her some ideas for Halloween props! Just imagine an all clear (made out of tape) human posed with their arms out in front of them, but wait….the clear human has white lights inside of it so it glows! Doesn’t that sound cool? Neat idea that my Mommy thought of after viewing the Scotch contest. She could name it “Glow Man”! LOL

      Did you happen to see the cement Skull that Mommy made? She has two done now and will be working on more this weekend. My Mommy said it is fun learning all about cement as she has never worked with it before. Have a great weekend playing in the snow, I’ll be thinking of you! Woof woof, Nikita

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