The Joys of a Lazy Saturday

One thing for sure is that Saturday’s during the winter are great lazy days.  You don’t want to go outside because of the cold, snow, or rain, so what else do you do when you are stuck indoors?  For me, I play a little, nap, play some more, follow Daddy all around, nap with Daddy, then check out what Mommy is up to, go back and nap with Daddy, wake up and play some more.  Saturdays are great for being lazy, but the best part of my Saturday is being with my Daddy and Mommy. 

I took a quick ride with Daddy this morning so he could fill up his tank in his car, and although our little trip lasted only a few minutes, it was great Daddy Time!  I sat in the front seat of his car so proudly, like I owned the world or something.  I looked all around as we passed cars on the road, checked out the people walking on the sidewalks, and more importantly, guarded Daddy’s car when he filled up his tank.  No way anyone was going to get into “this” vehicle.  I might look adorable, but if I don’t know you – – Look Out!  I jumped on the computer just now, in between my naps, and had to do a little post about lazy days, yep that’s right, today is one of those and I love it.  Ahhhh, napping with Daddy is always so enjoyable.  So to all of you out there who are not taking it easy today, relax, sit awhile, or take a nap – you’ll feel better for it! 


3 thoughts on “The Joys of a Lazy Saturday

  1. Hey Nikita! How did you like the Puppy Bowl this year? I thought that it was a VERY exciting game! I think that more touchdowns were scored in this year’s game than the last two years combined! I also thought that the puppies this year were quite spunky and energetic, especially the one that they called Fumbles. I think that he scored four touchdowns, more than any other puppy! And, what did you think of the Super Bowl this year? I felt so sorry for the Patriots, after being ahead for the whole game to lose in the last couple of minutes of the game. What did you think of the commercials this year? We thought that they could have been A LOT better! There were a few that were funny or cute. There needed to be more Budweiser Clydesdales!! Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I thought the Dorito commercial with the dog and the “mysteriously missing” cat was the funniest! Did you enter any football contests? I did! And, unfortunately, I did not win on any of them. I am not sure about your pumpkin seeds. My Mommy asked my Daddy about them, and he kind of gave an answer of no, but she is going to ask him again. And, about the V-Day printable, my Mommy has not checked her e-mail for a couple of days. We (and lots of other people) have been having some problems with our internet carrier and e-mails. They said that they are working on the problem. My Mommy said that she will try to check her e-mail today. Well, gotta go, Christopher will be home from student teaching soon, and I want to greet him at the door. He is doing an excellent job in his student teaching, and he likes teaching a lot! Today, he added another Algebra 2 class. So, now, he is teaching three Algebra 2 classes and a prep class (His prep class is a class of five students who need various extra help in Math.) When he finishes at this school, he will have taught three Algebra 2 classes, two pre-Algebra classes, and the prep class. Talk to you again! LOTS OF LOVE AND TAIL WAGS! Harmony XO

  2. Sounds like a GREAT idea Nikita! Sunday is also a GREAT day for a nap, right after Church and breakfast! But, DON’T FORGET to be up in time to watch the Puppy Bowl at 3:00 PM AND the Super Bowl AND ENJOY ALL the delicious SUPER BOWL FOOD AND COMMERCIALS! Well, I will at least ENJOY watching the Puppy Bowl and all those football players playing with that football of theirs in the Super Bowl and the commercials with the Budwieser Clydesdales! Love, Harmony XO P.S. Talk to you again but for now ZZZZZ….!!

    • Hi Ya Harmony, I will for sure be watching the “Puppy Bowl”! We love all the commercials too and laugh at them all! Don’t forget to ask your Mommy if she wants some of our pumpkin seeds to grow in your backyard! Did your Mommy get the email that my Mommy sent her with the V-Day printable? Woof woof, Nikita

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