Happy New Year!

As we close out 2011 and say good bye, we ring in the New Year with hopes that it will be better than the last, more love will be shared, more memories made, more appreciation for the ones we love, more pounds lost, adhere to our new resolutions to be better, make new friends, make more money, hope that gas prices go down… we ring in the New Year as a fresh start or new slate wiped clean.  Everyone makes New Year resolutions, but after a month, do we adhere to them?  Make this year the best ever, life is too short!  We have enjoyed bringing you this past year some great blog posts, craft ideas, and some really darn cute photos of me doing silly things, and we will continue to do so in the new year and hope that you enjoy all of them! 

Happy New Year to you & your family and we send you all the love in the world for a happy new year, a new start at love, life, and happiness! 

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your Mommy and your Daddy too, Nikita!!

    Guess what? I get to have a homemade cheeseburger for supper tonight! I can’t wait!! My Mommy and my Daddy are going to have Lobster Tail with Drawn Butter, Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce, and Scallops Wrapped in Bacon. Christopher is going to have Filet Mignon (He may have an allergy to shellfish. He tried to eat Shrimp one time and had a bad reaction to it.) grilled outside. (It started to rain a little before, so Daddy may have to grill it in the rain.)

    Love to you in the New Year!!
    Harmony XO

    • Hey Harmony! WOW, you sure do LOVE those hamburgers! LOL That is so funny. The only hamburger I have had was the raw one I ate last year. I only eat my Science Diet doggie food, because we think that I have a sensitive little tummy, so no people food for me! Glad your new year sounds like it got off to a great start! Talk to you soon! Love, Nikita

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