Snowy Perfection

We had a wonderful snowfall yesterday, about 3-4 inches that fell the entire day.  The snow blanketed the ground so beautifully and we watched as it piled up on the bushes and covered our Christmas lights.  What is it about a perfect snowfall that makes everything outside look so pure and innocent?  Is it because of the color, white, as white is so pure?  What if snow came down in a different color?  Like red or blue.  Would we have the same feelings that “it looks so beautiful” with everything covered in “red”?  I think not!  Everything looks so beautiful covered in snow, the driveway is covered with no tire marks, no footprints in the just fallen snow in the yard, the snow piled up on the flag on the mailbox, and all the tree branches have just the right amount of snow laid so perfectly down each and every branch.  It just makes everything outside look so clean and untouched… until I head outside! 

I went crazy yesterday and begged and begged to head outside to run in the snow.  Heck, I had paw marks up and down the backyard, dig holes that I had started in multiple places where I dug too low and found grass, got snow all over my nose as I rummaged through the snow with my nose like a plow and came up for air with a pile on top of my snout, and I even tried to make a snow angel dog in the backyard when I was rolling around in it! 

We had to laugh at what we saw early yesterday morning, as someone must have either just turfed a lawn or was just an idiot while driving and drove up over a huge tree branch, and when they passed our house the tree branch was stuck under their car and sticking out the side.  When they passed the house, they slowed down a bit as they must have seemed like something was wrong.  Instead of them stopping to get out of their car to check, they gunned it and when they did this the tree branch smacked the side of their car and came free from under the car.  But, what they did not know, is that another branch was still dragging behind their car.  Idiot, is the only comment we could think of. 

I’ve already been outside today a few times, but mostly because I know that the snow is out there and I want to play in it.  I just do a little “dabble” in the snow so that Mommy does not know that I pulled the wool over her eyes and that I just wanted to play.  Hee hee hee  Until later and more snowy trips outside…. 

One happy snow dog,


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