Black Friday – Was It All Worth It?

Phew, it’s all over… until next year!  The hype and hub-a-baloo of the Black Friday deals which covered our kitchen table entirely, made your eyes water & gave you a headache.  SHOP HERE, no wait, SHOP HERE, no wait, OUR DEAL IS BETTER, no wait WE HAVE THE BETTER DEAL, no wait, GET IN LINE AT 4:00am – – – Are you nuts?  Who in their right mind would get in a line that has hundreds of people already in it ahead of them & the line is wrapped around to the back of the store, just to see if they can purchase the ONLY ONE IN STOCK PER STORE brand name item?  People who were out of their minds, is who!   Over the weekend, we received all of our holiday papers and read that some lady pepper sprayed 20 people at a store, a grandpa brought his small grand kids with him to a store and they almost got trampled, and riots broke out at Victoria Secrets.  Once again, are these people nuts?  Never would I have guessed that VS could insight a riot in a million years, but if you think about it – – a riot should happen every day there because who can afford to pay $25 for a pair of panties?  Come on now! 

Everyone is shopping for Christmas anyways, so why not just do your shopping online and a) avoid driving around the parking lots for 45 minutes just to find a parking space, b) dealing with the crabby store employees who are not happy that they started their shift at 4:00am, c) waiting in long lines just to check out, and after you finally park, get to the store you wanted to shop at, only to find that they are sold out of the item you wanted.  Crazy, eh? 

That’s why we keep telling you about ebates.  You sign up for a free account, find the store you want to shop at through ebates, and earn cash back!  I don’t know how many times we need to remind you to do this, but you are losing out on cash back in your wallet.  Copy our link for ebates and paste it in your browser, then sign up for your account, then do your Christmas shopping!  It’s that easy.

We also had quite a few people ask if we had a downloadable LETTER TO SANTA, so we created one for you!  Click HERE to download your letter to Santa!  Only download if you have been good and feel 100% certain that you are on the “NICE” List.  Naughty List people should not click on link, sorry! 

Over the long holiday weekend, after we came down from our turkey high, we finally finished our outdoor Christmas lights!  Boy are they beautiful and now we don’t have to worry that if it snows, we won’t have to finish this project with snow on the bushes.  Phew!  Our only problem now is the deer.  The deer keep pulling the LED net lights off the bushes because they are trying to eat the red berries off the bushes!  Geez, can we ever get a break from these deer already?  And, we have confirmed that we have a 12 point buck running around our neighborhood now.  We actually saw this huge buck napping in our neighbors tree lawn when we went outside the other day and we watched as he stood up.  Man is this guy big, and we don’t want to make him mad. 

We hope that you all had a great Turkey Day!  Love, Nikita


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