Are You Ready for Some Football?

Are you ready for some football?  I’m ready!  I’ve got my Cleveland Browns t-shirt on (actually it’s Mommy’s, but I am borrowing it today) and I picked up my football and I’m ready to play! 

The Browns are playing the Jaguars today and I hope they can actually find the end zone and win a game.  Our neighbors are ready for some football too as I watched them all cram into a van with their friends earlier today and they are probably heading off to enjoy some pre-game tailgating.  How fun is that!  Anyhow, I am ready to play some football as you can see from my photographs! 

I also knocked around my Cleveland Cavaliers basketball all around the kitchen and actually pooped myself out from chasing it.  That ball is so big that I can’t pick it up in my mouth, even though I do try to bite it, but I can’t seem to get my choppers on it.  It is fun to chase that ball and it drives me nuts, but the fun kind of nuts!  I can’t believe how many toys I actually have, but I really do play with all of them.  I favor sometimes, one over another, but they all get equal play time with me.  And, I just realized that I have not had a toy head to the “Toy Hospital” (that’s on top of the fridge) in a long time, so either I am not playing hard enough, or I am just being respectful of my toys. 

Daddy’s visiting Grandma & Grandpa today as he does every Sunday, but when he gets home he and Mommy are going to finish the Christmas lights on the bushes so that is done before it snows again.  All in all, a nice quiet weekend for this puppy, but lots of love & fun!  How was your weekend? 


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