LIFE IS GOOD…IN A LOVING HOME!   After the last post, it got me thinking.  Every dog should be in a loving home – period.   Every dog should be able to wake up every day and receive love & affection, be able to have a happy heart and that happiness will shine through their personality.  As for me, I am one HAPPY puppy, and have the best life ever.  I am loved every minute of my day, get to stay home with Mommy who looks after me, wipes my paws when it’s wet outside, brushes me every day to keep my fur looking fly, and have the best Daddy ever who makes sure that I have good healthy food to eat every day, and a never-ending supply of toys to play with, and every night when it’s time for bed, I have a special place to snuggle with Daddy & Mommy that makes me feel secure & safe.   Every dog should be able to experience this love that fills my heart every day, every dog should be this lucky. 

I get to sit by Daddy & Mommy when they try to kick butt playing Wii Life or Monopoly, and last night I actually kicked Mommy off the couch so I could snuggle with Daddy.  (sorry Mommy)  This is what I am saying on how Life is Good, time spent with the ones you love, as it does not matter what you are doing, but being with them is special.  By the way, Daddy won last night in the Game of Life, way to go Daddy as he kicked the computer players butts & Mommy’s too! LOL   Don’t get too excited as Mommy is ready for a rematch! 

We started our Christmas decorating last Friday, and the house looks so wonderful.  I love this time of year, as all the lights and decorations make you smile & gets you in such a great mood.  Now, we just have to pull out the Christmas music and we can dance all around the house!  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – sing along, we know you want to!   Mommy loves photography with a passion, and enjoys taking neat photo’s.  Here is one she took of herself last night in the reflection of a Christmas bulb, neat eh?   She even got a neat one last year of the Christmas tree reflection in Daddy’s glass of wine.  Only a photographer would notice something like that, and then they run for their camera to capture it! 

Daddy even got me a neat ornament for the tree.  I know it does not exactly look like me, but it was the closest one we could find.  It looks really nice on the tree though, woof!   We are still working on the LED lights for the outside bushes, and we’re almost done but we will definitely take some photographs of it. 

By the way, before I forget to remind you again, if you have not yet signed up for ebates through the link we provided you a few posts ago…. go find that blog post and copy the link we provided and paste it in your browser, then it will take you to the sign up page.  The reason we keep reminding you about eBates is because the holiday online shopping time is here and you can earn cash back for shopping online, and who would not want to get a little back for shopping, eh?  We just got another check yesterday, so this should be an incentive for you to sign up, and it’s free to sign up too! 

I hope that you have started your holiday decorating too, and are enjoying the ones you love.  Life is too short, tell them you love them & show them every day!


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