Black Friday is Coming

Black Friday is coming!  It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  So while you are recovering from your turkey & stuffing coma, shop online and pick up some great deals. 

We keep telling you about eBates, and if you have NOT signed up yet, you are not putting any money back in your pocket for shopping online.  It’s like being rewarded for shopping, and who wouldn’t want to get cash back, right?  We are here to help you…. for those of you reading this right now, copy this link and paste it into your browser, then sign up for your FREE account.  Then follow the instructions on eBates and then do your online shopping.  It’s that easy!  EARN CASH BACK while you pick up great deals on Black Friday and while you do your online holiday shopping. 

There are over 1,200 online stores that you can shop from on eBates, and we are sure that the stores you shop at are probably on their list, so copy the link above, sign up for your free account, and get ready for Black Friday and your holiday shopping —– and watch your savings ADD up. 

Tell your friends about this too!  Pass this along to them so they can start getting BIG FAT checks from eBates too!   (You can email this blog post to your friends at the bottom of this post by clicking on “email”)

Wet Puppy Kisses to you,


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