Post Halloween: Our Best Treat Night Ever

We had the best treat night ever this year!  We got so many rave reviews from all the parents and the kids absolutely loved all of our decorations.  We were so pleased to hear all of the rave reviews and a lot of the parents even told us that we had the best Halloween decorations in the neighborhood!  WOW, that made us happy as we worked really hard at setting everything up this year.   We even had some parents tell us that they noticed that we added a lot more props this year and that they enjoy coming back to see us every year.  That makes us really happy!  Click here to see our video of our front yard.  We used a Gemmy Halloween Light Show & Timer to play the music and all of the yard props with lights danced to the music. 

Listed below is an approximate list of all the items we had in our home haunt and what it took to pull off our 2011 Halloween Graveyard:

    • Jason Voorhees animatronic prop
    • Freddy Krueger animatronic prop
    • Ripping Reaper of Souls animatronic prop
    • 2 Lighted Willow Trees (150 Lights per tree)
    • 2 Lighted Slender LED Ghosts (150 LED Lights per Ghost)
    • 11 Handmade Wood Tombstones
    • 8 Styrofoam Tombstones
    • 18 Extension Cords
    • 12 Flood Lights
    • 3 Strobe Lights
    • 2 Fog Machines
    • 1 Coldfusion Low-Lying Fog Maker (we ran 1 fog machine through the Coldfusion machine which was filled with ice, the fog gets chilled and then shoots out the top, and the fog lays low in the grass and creeps along the ground)
    • 2 Shady Spiders WOW Window Posters
    • 1 Green Monster WOW Window Poster
    • 1  63″ Standing Ghoul
    • Dapper Death Prop
    • The Count Prop
    • Spewing Corpse Fog Machine Accessory Prop (this guy spewed fog on the kids when they entered through the cemetery gateway)
    • 5′ RIP Coffin
    • Lighted Moving Spider with purple lights
    • 2 Color Changing Skeleton Lanterns
    • 1 Black Crow
    • LED Lighted Cemetery Gateway & Columns (made out of BOXES then spray painted with Krylon Make it Stone spray paint)
    • 2 Carved Pumpkins (One was the home grown one Daddy grew in the backyard)
    • 9 Skulls & Groundbreakers
    • Gemmy Halloween Lightshow & Timer with Speaker

    We had such a fun time pulling off a great treat night as Daddy & Mommy worked like a well-oiled machine together, and it took many hours to prepare for only two hours of trick-or-treating, which came and went so fast as it usually does.  The one thing that we had in our favor was the weather.  It had rained a little before trick-or-treating time, but that didn’t dampen our spirits, as we kept working feverishly to get everything outside and set up in time. Even our UPS driver, Sanford, stopped by to take a look at all of our decorations and got a photo taken with Daddy.



With all the time involved to plan everything out for our home haunt, the time involved making our wood tombstones and our cemetery sign, we can’t believe it is all over.  Well, as we would say, there’s 363 days until Halloween and we can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year as it is always an adventure for us! 

Don’t forget to watch our video

Our First Trick-or-Treaters!


2 thoughts on “Post Halloween: Our Best Treat Night Ever

  1. Holy cow your place looked awesome. Makes my foster parents wish they were kids in your neighborhood! We didn’t have nearly as many trick or treaters as you did. I was in my kennel by the door safe and happy so I could watch all the action but not feel the need to bark at any of the scary costumes. My foster dad and sissy walked out to great them so not hearing the doorbell turned out great. Did you get to meet the trick or treaters in costume too?

    • Thanks for the awesome comments! My Daddy and Mommy worked really hard on setting everything up and Mommy is soooo proud of her handmade cemetery columns that she made all by herself. All of the parents that walked by laughed at Mommy’s handmade wood tombstone that had “economy” on it with blood dripping from it (that is what she was going for, laughs!). I got to greet the neighbors outside when trick-or-treating started, but went back in the house to watch from the kitchen window. I get tooooo excited when I see everyone, so that would have been hard for Mommy to hold onto me and pass out candy at the same time. Did you watch the video that was in the blog post? If not, you should! Thanks for stopping by!

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