Can’t Believe Halloween is Almost Here

Just checked the date today and I can’t believe that Halloween is almost here.  We only have the weekend to finalize all our plans for our home haunt, bring up all of our props from storage, assemble our animatronic props, and hang up our spider webs in the front of the house.  Last year, we hung the spider webs up way too early and the winds and rain ruined them.  We tried to fix them, but they were all jumbled and woven together and were unfixable, so we decided to wait until a little closer to Halloween to put them up. 

Mommy added some more Halloween decorations around the house, as she keeps finding more and more cute decorations in boxes that she opens up.  She has finally decided that when she puts away the decorations this year, that she is going to put all of the smaller decorations and ceramics in one box that she can open up early next year.   

Not sure if you remember the neat bat that Mommy made from wood, but she got creative this morning and really changed up the bat into an awesome Halloween decoration.  These wood bats were very difficult to cut and took considerable time to complete, but once they were done & sanded, they turned out awesome!  What she did with the bat was add lights to the back of the bat that once hung on the wall, it created an eerie illumination around the bat.  What do you think? 

Here are some of our latest Halloween decorations…
We already had our adorable metal pot with grass on the table, but Mommy added some cardstock black bats and a ghost to long wood sticks and stuck them in the grass.  She then found her most favorite Halloween decoration…her resin tombstone “Death by Chocolate” – What a way to go if you had to go, eh? 

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