Decorating for Halloween


                                           The time FINALLY arrived…. it was time to cut Daddy’s pumpkin!  Daddy could not wait to finally get the chance to cut his own grown pumpkin this weekend as he was so proud of it.  If you were following our story of our attempt to grow pumpkins in our backyard, you will remember that we had problems from the start.  The rainy weather demolished the first packs of pumpkins planted, so re-planting was next.  We waited impatiently for the first pumpkin plants to emerge from the ground, only to have them chewed off by chipmunks.  Still, we weren’t worried because we had so many pumpkin plants planted and felt that we had a good chance of more little sprouts.  Well, one after another little sprout appeared and we got so happy, until the next day they were gone – chipmunks again.  We ended up with just a few pumpkin plants and we were uncertain if these guys would make it, so we waited.  Well, one plant took off and grew to a vine of more than 19′ with approximately 17″ wide leaves.  We thought that since this plant has grown so big, that nothing would touch it, we were so wrong.  The chipmunks left this plant alone (finally), but the deer had a field day one night on our pumpkin vine and ate half of the main vine.  Since they ate the main vine, it stunted the growth of the other vines with all of the unpollinated small pumpkins, so we were left with just our one pumpkin.  We were so unhappy with all the damage that the deer did, but we are glad to announce that our one pumpkin made it to an amazing 20.4 pounds!  After Halloween, Daddy is going to take all of the pumpkin seeds from his pumpkin, clean them, and store them away for next year and use them to plant more pumpkins. 

Daddy & Mommy started pulling out all of their Halloween decorations over the weekend and Mommy went into overdrive painting all of the wood tombstones she cut with the jigsaw, while Daddy carried up props from storage for the front yard and started placing them in the grass. 

It took them over three hours to get everything in the yard for now, but there is still a lot more props that will be placed outside, but they can’t put them out yet because these are the expensive ones, like Daddy’s animatronic Freddy, Jason, and his 6′ tall Ripping Reaper of Souls that rips open his cloak to show all the souls in his chest.  Pretty cool, eh? 

It was a long weekend and Daddy & Mommy are pooped from all the work they did.  Mommy is still painting & staining tombstones, but the yard looks great.  They even had Grandpa help fix one of their props, a 63″ Standing Ghoul that had a broken clamp, and we knew that Grandpa was the only one that could fix this, and he did!  (Thanks Grandpa!) 

I still don’t have my Halloween costume done yet, but Auntie Rene sent us some great photographs of neat costumes for pets (thanks Auntie) to help us get a costume idea.  We still think that I might be a lion for Halloween, but you’ll have to wait and see what I end up as.

Monday was kinda crazy over here because Daddy & Mommy had eight items that sold over the weekend on their eBay store, so lots of Halloween products had to get wrapped up for shipping.  I helped Mommy get everything done too, as I sniffed all of the product and chewed a little on each of the boxes, so if anyone of you get a box with a little chew mark on it – that was me!  She spent the entire day getting all of these packages ready for the UPS man, and I had to take a break and I napped amongst all of the boxes in the kitchen. 

How are you decorating for Halloween this year?  What is your costume?


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