Halloween Candy Tips – How Much is Enough?

Do you wonder every year….”How Much Candy do I Purchase” for the trick-or-treaters?  I can help!  We usually base the amount of candy on the number of kids from previous years, and although this is a good way to judge on the amount of candy you should purchase, last year it was not enough.  We purchased all of our candy and packaged them nicely in those adorable Halloween treat bags and we ran out!  We got almost double the amount of goblins & cowboys last year, so we had to use our reserve candy for all the extra kids that arrived.  We were not happy with that because we saved some of the good candy bars for us to eat later, but at least the kids were happy and got candy.  As for us, we did not get to snack on anything.  So, if you are finding yourself wondering on how much candy to purchase this year, use my Halloween Candy Counter to judge on how much candy to purchase. 

Halloween is a fun time of year and all ages enjoy it!  As you are well aware, my Daddy & Mommy can’t wait for the witching hour and are scurrying around getting their Halloween props ready for their own home haunt.  I heard Daddy say that we’re going to put up our tombstones this weekend, so you will have to wait for the photographs of the setup process.  Mommy has more than 13 new wood tombstones cut for the front yard, and she will start painting them this week.  Don’t forget that if you wanted to purchase a tombstone (or two) there is still enough time to do that & paint them yourself before Halloween.  These wood tombstones will last longer than the typical styrofoam tombstones you purchase from a store because they are made from pressed wood and if you seal them good with primer & a good clear top coat, you can enjoy them for years to come. 

Here is the regular photo of Me & Mommy

Also, Halloween is fun because you can dress up!  Not only can you dress up in something scary, funny, or cute, you also can enhance your photographs with some neat Halloween Effects.  My Mommy did just that with one of her photographs that Daddy took of me and her.  She added a “ghoulish” facial effect to herself and it looks really creepy!  Glad that Mommy does not look like this normally, but it sure is hilarious to see my Mommy looking like a ghoul.

Mommy as a Ghoul

Now, it’s time to pull out all of your Halloween decorations!  I am sure that every year your Halloween decorations increase, as you run across a neat item or two when you are out and about, and that’s awesome!  Pull them out now and start decorating!  Mommy started yesterday and pulled out their neat Halloween Willow Tree that has orange lights on it.  (They are selling a Willow Tree too and you can find it on their website – They only have one left!)  They put this out in the yard for Halloween, but enjoy it first by placing it indoors in the living room to make the room glow orange.  Next, will be our animatronic props that will come out which scare the pants off of me (if I only wore pants), and I growl at them when they move.  I still remember that black cat with an arched back that I was scared of last year, but I was just a little puppy then and probably did not know any better that it wouldn’t hurt me. 

Let me know if my Halloween Candy Counter helped you out!

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