Pet Halloween Costumes – What are you gonna be?

Halloween is not only for kids….and it’s not only about the candy anymore these days.  More and more adults like my Daddy & Mommy get into this witching time of year with cool Halloween props, but what about your pet?  You can’t let Halloween sneak by you without dressing up your pet too!  We want in on the fun too, although most of us really truly hate it when our owners dress us up as we can’t stand wearing those goofy outfits they put on us, but we deal with it.  Perhaps, we can get some extra treats for going through this horrible ordeal of wearing something that makes our parents go “Aw, isn’t she just adorable?”  There’s nothing we can do but just suck it up.  LOL  It shouldn’t be that bad, as Halloween is only one day, thank God, but we’ll deal with all the cutsie outfits to make our Daddy & Mommy happy. 

So, I am having some BIG problems trying to figure out what to be for Halloween and since there is not much time left, I thought that I would ask all of you what I should be for Halloween.  Help me pick out something great!

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