Another Rainy Friday here in Cleveland, OH

TGIF, but what’s so good about it?  It’s raining here again, and everytime I go outside I get wet and then smell like a wet dog (well, that’s what I am, right?)  It seems that every time I need to head outside, it starts to pour.  So is it true when they say that when you “hear” water running, you have to pee?  I guess that must be the case, because I feel the need to want to go outside right when it is pouring the hardest.  Mommy has to dry me off with a towel when I come inside and wipe my paws to keep the wood floors clean, and I’m ok with that because I am used to it.  We started doing the wiping of the paws when I was a little puppy so it is just part of my routine now.  It’s kinda nice though, as Mommy always gives me hugs when she is wiping off my paws and I like that!  Aw, Mommy and Me time! 

Anyhow, as you can see from the photograph above, Mommy is at it again!  She is getting so proficient in using a hand jigsaw and has made some awesome items.  She has been so busy lately cutting wood tombstones as the orders keep coming in and her and Daddy are so excited that they had an idea to create these and now everyone wants one or more!   Since she has been working non-stop on these tombstones for weeks now, she put a lot of strain on Daddy’s jigsaw, and had to go out this week and get another jigsaw just in case the one she was using died on her in the middle of a project.  So, Mommy headed off to Sears Hardware and picked up a Craftsman Evolv Electric Jigsaw.  She saw it online for $29.99, and thought what a great price for a jigsaw, and read the reviews on it and they were all good.  The jigsaw has a 4.5 amp motor and has a lot of power and it comes with a metal edge guide, and the blades are easy to change as no tools are needed.  Mommy would definitely recommend this jigsaw to anyone who is looking for one. 

As for me today, I am taking it easy.  Since it’s raining outside, today would be a good day to nap all day.  I am trying to keep it on the down-low today because yesterday I got yelled at for the first time.  I accidentally pulled down the sheers and the curtain rod in the bedroom and boy oh boy was Mommy upset.  I was just jumping up on the window sill so I could look outside and I am still not sure how I pulled the sheers down, but it happened.  I made up with Mommy so we’re good.  Phew!   

I will keep you updated on the upcoming projects that Mommy will be working on as she has some great ideas for the upcoming holidays, like Valentine’s Day.  She is going to make some HUGE wood “X” and “O” to show your love with hugs & kisses that can stand on the floor or hung on the wall.  Keep watching to see what she comes up with! 

Keep dry & run between the raindrops today or you’ll smell like a wet dog, like me!

2 thoughts on “Another Rainy Friday here in Cleveland, OH

  1. Hey Nikita! It is raining here too! Yep, you are so right; it is a good day to take a nap all day! Our area is in another flood watch, until Saturday afternoon. I hope that history does not repeat itself and cause a lot of damage like the last rain storms! Mommies are GREAT!! My Mommy wipes my paws dry too! Even when they are not wet, I give my Mommy my paw, and that gives her the cue to give me a paw massage, only Mommy calls it a pet-icure. When she is finished with one paw, I give her my other front paw. It feels soooo good!! Glad to hear that you and your Mommy made up! I broke something of my Mommy’s a couple of years ago with my tail. My rudder like tail is so strong that sometimes it gets me into trouble! Most times anymore Mommy expects something bad to happen with my tail knocking something over, that she stops the bad thing from happening before it happens. Mommy forgave me too! She knew that I did not mean to break her wooden gingerbread house, fence, and gingerbread people as I got excited when Daddy came home from work, and my tail hit the welcome post, and everything on it went flying down the inside stairs, stopping their flight when they hit the wooden floor in the foyer! It wasn’t a pretty sight!! My Mommy seems to be clever like your Mommy(although I think ALL Mommies are clever)! After some ingenious thinking on Mommy’s part, she was able to repair everything! And, you can’t even tell where everything was broken! Phew!!! Mommy put the welcome post in a different place!! Nikita, you have such beautifully white teeth!! You must take special care of them! My Vet compliments me on my white teeth too! Chewing on a Nylabone and a Boudabone are two things that us doggies can do by ourselves to help our teeth stay clean; plus, it is a lot of fun chewing on them! I hope that you have a fun weekend! Love, Harmony XO

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