Did You Survive the Weekend?

So, how was your weekend?  It’s a typical Monday today, as it’s raining outside again here in overcast orange barrel world Cleveland, Ohio.  Typical day.  The road construction workers have been tearing up the main road near our house and the project seems to be taking a long time.  The project started in August and the orange barrels have been in place for miles down both sides of the road, while HUGE pot holes or craters have grown in size to engulf any car who tries to drive over it.  Hub caps are showing up in front lawns of those unfortunate people who hit the craters and lost their decorative hubs, and we wonder how long they will let these huge holes go before they do something.  Well, they finally made a small change or nice gesture as they moved the orange barrels to different lanes, so everyone can now drive on a somewhat better terrain.  Now today, we found out that hopefully by the weeks end, that the road might be tarred.  Don’t hold your breath on that one, but the thought was nice to think that you can drive without constantly swerving to end the doom of your hubs or alignment of your car. 

My weekend was quite an adventure, but then again, when don’t I have fun weekends.  My Daddy was still under the weather, and he tried to rest most of the weekend and hopefully soon he will start to feel better.  While we were trying to rest (as I snuggled with Daddy to keep him warm), we kept hearing a dog bark and bark and bark for hours on end.  Mommy got up to check on where the sound was coming from and when she opened up the mini blinds over the kitchen sink, she saw that the yellow lab that was visiting our neighbor was back again.  He was in their spare bedroom, just standing on the bed looking out the window – – barking for hours!  Mommy took a few photographs of that doggy who had a lot to say, and the photo’s are hilarious!  I barked back at him just so he knew I was here.  I think he wanted some of my treats, but I was not in a sharing mood. 

Grandma came over to visit Daddy to make sure he was ok, and you all know how much I love it when Grandma comes to visit.  She goofs around with me and even throws my ball so I can go fetch it.  (thanks Grandma!)  Grandma almost spoiled the surprise that Mommy has been working on for her as she arrived at the house and Mommy had all the items on the kitchen table which she had to hide quickly.  (if you remember, Mommy is making Grandma a surprise Halloween wood tombstone with her address on it for her yard & she does not know anything about it)  All that Mommy has to do is glue all of the embellishments on it then do a final clear coat on it to seal the wood really well, then it’s done.  Daddy & Mommy are going to surprise Grandma with it this weekend and I bet she’ll like it!  (I will have to make sure that we get a photo of Grandma & her tombstone so I can show you) 

Anyhow, my brother & sister kitties, Gabriel, Angelica & Scootie were busy playing over the weekend.  It seems that they are always up to something or rather, into something and Mommy always tries to get photographs of their shenanigans, and she got some good ones!  Angelica posed for Mommy, Gabriel just sprawled on the floor and said “look at me”, and Scootie was enjoying the comfort of his homemade UPS bed.  Silly kitties! 

Daddy’s pumpkin is getting oranger by the day and he thinks that it will soon be ready to pick.  I heard Daddy & Mommy talking and they both decided that they are NOT going to carve this pumpkin because they are so proud of it, and they will get other pumpkins to carve for Halloween.  If the deer would not have eaten the main vine, then they would have had more pumpkins for sure, but this pumpkin we are just keeping for show.  Daddy will eventually have to cut it open as he is going to save the seeds to plant in the ground for more pumpkins next year, so we are not going to eat the seeds this time. 

Keeping an eye on the neighborhood

As for me, I am always watching the neighborhood to make sure all is right on our street.  Saturday morning, the deer were out and munching away across the street.  I even saw them up on my neighbors patio eating her bushes!  Mommy took a photograph of them & emailed the photo to our neighbor with some funny captions.  Debbie, our neighbor, emailed Mommy back and was laughing her head off that we got this photo.  She told Mommy that she wondered why her cat was sitting on the window sill glued to the window – now she knows….the cat was watching the deer!  We also have this strange kid who “walks” the neighborhood day and night, and he is starting to bother a few of us neighbors.  He is actually kinda a little creepy as he walks super duper slow and just stares when he walks.  You can even find him walking the sidewalk at 6:15am or after midnight, and we are unsure as to where he lives, but he has everyone aware of his presence and we watch what he’s doing.  He kinda looks like “Shaggy” from Scoobie Doo, so that is what we call him when we see him outside.  (of course, we don’t say that to him, we just call him that between us)

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell… lots going on, lots to watch, lots to do, and now it’s time to take a nap so I can be well rested by the time Daddy gets home from work.  I hope all of you had a great weekend too!  Catch you later this week!  Love & hugs, Nikita


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