Happy HUMP Day!

It’s Wednesday, and that means trash day at our house.  It happens every week.  That loud scary truck arrives right after Daddy leaves for work.  I can hear it coming, rumbling down the road, getting closer, the brakes squeal with every stop it makes, the loud booms that happen when the trash man slams peoples garbage cans on the truck to empty them out without any care in the world if he breaks the can.  (who cares, right? It’s not my trash can he thinks)  The rumble sound gets closer and closer, the squeal of the brakes become more predominant and finally, they arrive at our drive.  I sit by the front window like I always do and watch the trash man.  I sit straight up and at attention, and wait.  Not sure what I am waiting for, but I do.  Am I waiting and wanting to just jump out the window and bite him?  Not sure, but I watch him intensely and make sure he behaves.  Mommy usually heads out to pick up the garbage can that he just throws on the lawn, like someone throwing a piece of garbage out their car window when they pass by the house. 

But what was funny about today’s trash day?  Both Mommy and I noticed that the “trash” was riding on top of the truck today.  Yep!  Mommy stepped outside the back door to catch this photo of the garbage truck with the trash on top of the truck.  I wonder if those guys know it’s up there? 

I’ve gotta go finish my breakfast, since yesterday I had a sour stomach, but I feel better today.  It sucked yesterday when I was not feeling that well, that I did not even want to eat an ice cube and you know how much I LOVE ice cubes, so I must have been under the weather yesterday to not eat my favorite snack. 

By the way, I wanted to ask you for your opinion….  What should I be for Halloween this year?  Let me know….

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