Good Day for Napping

Taking it Easy

Every dog has its day, and today I am going to take it easy.  I started off my day with an upset stomach and woke Mommy & Daddy up at 4:30 am with an upset stomach.  (sorry Mommy – I am sure you did not want to clean up after me at 4:30 in the morning)   Mommy gave me a Pepcid in a Greenies Pill Pocket which I took like a champ.  Our vet said that you can give a dog a Pepcid and it will be ok for them for an upset stomach, so in case you did not know this, go out and get some to have on hand just in case your own four-legged friend gets an upset stomach. 

Mommy and I saw a beautiful butterfly yesterday morning when we were outside (I wanted to chase it, but Mommy said no!), and she ran to get her camera!  It was so beautiful and we were glad that we were actually able to snag this photo since it seems like the Summer is quickly slipping away from us and the weather is getting a little cooler.  The memories of my Summer will always be remembered in all the photographs that Mommy took of me and the things around me. 
From Mommy’s flowers to Daddy’s pumpkin, we have so much beauty in our life and lots of great memories of Summer.  What are your memories of Summer? 
Here are some of my favorite Summer photographs:  Let me know how you like them! 

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