Chickens, Blue Fish & Footballs

I have been one busy dog this past week, with visits from Grandma to trips to the pet store, and today, Mommy and I got to drive Daddy to work today.  (hope we remember to pick him up)   Every time Grandma visits, she brings me a new toy.  She does not have to do that, because I love her anyway, but she always surprises me with new squeaky toys.  On her last few visits, she brought me a squeaky chicken and a squeaky blue fish – Boy oh boy do I love these guys!  I have had so much fun playing with them, tossing them in the air, catching them, chewing on the chickens eyes, and booping Daddy & Mommy on the leg when I want them to throw my toy for me across the room.  (I just have to remember to let go of my toy after I boop them, most of the time, I don’t)  It’s all a game to me.  I love playing.  I love teasing Daddy & Mommy with my toys, then run away down the hall so they can’t get me.  Ha Ha

Mommy surprised me today and got me a stuffed football (without any squeakers though, rats) so I must have been a good girl today.  Heck, I am always a good girl!  Mommy told me that she is getting me ready for football season, and although girls don’t usually get into football that much, she said that I need to know about the game so when they watch football (Go Browns!), I can be ready.  It’s funny though….I heard Mommy & Daddy talking about how Clevelanders are always saying “there’s always next year” when they talk about Cleveland sports. 

We are also in high gear for Halloween and have just received our HUGE Halloween shipment in earlier this week.  Take a peek on their website & see if you can find something to add to your own home haunt this year.   You should also hop over to their blog too at and pick up for yourself some easy decorating ideas for the holidays, tips & tricks for lighting effects, and new product arrivals. 

Hey, did any of you feel the earthquake the other day?  Mommy & I did not feel it here at home, but Daddy felt it at work.  I wonder what is going on with all these quakes lately & bad storms?  We had one doozie of a storm last night that woke us up with the first crack of lightning.  I was not scared, but just in case, I crawled up from the bottom of the bed right next to Daddy & Mommy to be safe.  They comforted me and I finally fell back into a deep slumber on my back with my paws up in the air. 

I hope all of you are having a great day & staying safe from all the storms & quakes!  I’m thinking about you…

Love always, Nikita


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