Has Anyone Seen My Packing Tape?

Thank God It’s Friday!  That means that Daddy will be home all weekend and I get to play with him! 

But Mommy is busy too, she is taking care of their eBay orders and wrapping them up with care in bubble wrap, while I…… steal her packing tape!  Heck, it was just sitting there on the floor, calling to me…. “Nikita come get me!” and I could not take it any longer, so I snuck over when Mommy was not looking and snagged that roll of pure heaven up in my mouth and…. RAN down the hallway! 

Well, unfortunately for me, when Mommy saw me high-tail it down the hall, she knew I had something – she always knows!  So, what did Mommy do next?  She never scolds me for my ingenious ways of play, but rather she runs for her camera to catch me in the action!  She snapped these extremely “bad for my reputation” photos so I could not get out of this one – I was busted!  I guess I will have to resort back to chewing on Teddy and trying to pull his plastic eye off!

Mommy is just standing there, laughing at me.  She finished her package for shipping, (now that she has her tape back) and now I get to wait for my favorite guys in brown to arrive – the UPS man!

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