Welcoming the Arrival of Cooler Weather


Ah, sleeping at night with the windows open is so nice!  Giving the air conditioner a little break for awhile is always a good thing, and good for your pocket too.  It is just nice that I can now sit in front of the window and feel that nice cool breeze blow on my face, not to mention all of the good smells I take in on a daily basis.  Barking at people passing by our house or doggies that I don’t like through a closed window does not make me sound fierce, but with an open window, I can protect the homestead with some deep growls & barks and everyone can hear me really well. 

Sometimes I think that I am nosey, as I watch EVERYONE and everything!  I run from window to window to keep up with the neighbors arrivals & departures and when I see them I run from the front window to the back window to catch a glimpse of them getting out of their car, I watch trash blowing down the street from the car wash that blows by on a daily basis and it always makes me growl at it, I growl and bark at garbage cans (have done that since I was a puppy and tall enough to see out the window), but it always amazes Daddy & Mommy “who” I bark at.  It’s strange that some dogs can walk by our house and all I do I watch them, while other dogs can go by and I go absolutely crazy.  What makes me bark at them and yet leave the others alone?  Not sure why I do this, it will remain a mystery. 
One of my all time favorite things to do is, waiting for Daddy to come home.  Mommy always alerts me that “it’s time” to watch for Daddy’s arrival and I put down any toy that I am playing with (or bring it to the front window with me) and I run to the window, sit down, and look back and forth for Daddy’s car.  Almost 100% of the time, I can catch his car coming down the road and my tail starts wagging and I get all excited.  I watch him pull into the driveway and then I run to the back door to catch him driving by (he always stops right by the door and waves at me – awww!) and then I run like a bat out of hell to the back window to watch him get out of his car.  As soon as I see him walking towards the house, I jump off the window sill and tear down the hallway to the back door again (I always beat him to the back door too) and I await the glimpse of him opening the door.  YEAH, Daddy’s home!  I jump all over him and give him kisses and he gives them right back!  I love this time of day because I love my Daddy!  Mommy is there too, waiting for Daddy and always makes sure she has his favorite glass of wine waiting for him and the smell of a good home cooked meal is just about to come out of the oven. 
Cooler weather, lots of love, and a pumpkin patch are all the favorite things that are consuming my days! 

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