Growing Pumpkins – Our Adventure

5-27-11 It all starts from this

In the whole fun of Halloween, Daddy had a dream and wanted to try growing some pumpkins for us for Halloween.  We started our first planting back in May, but the downpours we had and the water that saturated quite everything, we had a slow start, as our first batch of seeds rotted from all the water.

So, Daddy re-planted another batch, and waited, and waited, and finally, we saw some little pumpkin sprouts starting to emerge – YIPPEE!  We thought we were on our way to watching our pumpkins grow, until we ran into another snag – deer & chipmunks!  Those buggers ate the little sprouts as fast as they came out of the ground, one by one.  We were so disappointed.  We even tried that smelly deer spray on the sprouts, but to our surprise, they ate the sprouts anyways.  Geez, now what?  So, we waited a little longer, and some new sprouts came up. 
We were finally happy to see that we had a few plants that looked like they were actually going to make it, and for some reason, nothing was eating them, this time. (keep your fingers crossed!)
It seems like it has been an eternity since we planted these seeds, as we watch them every day, make sure they are watered properly, and remove all the weeds from the flower beds they are planted in.   With each new passing day, we do see improvement.  We did lose one little pumpkin (the first one that started to grow) because it turned yellow.  Since then, we now have two pumpkins that are growing!  We did not know what to expect when we started this adventure in pumpkin growing, but it has been fun checking each day on the status of the little “kins”. 

Our pumpkin vine is almost covering our whole backyard from one end to the other, and we are going to have to turn it soon to start running next to the side of the garage.  Not sure what we are going to do when it grows all the way up to the house! 

We hope that by Halloween, we will have something to carve!  Stay tuned…


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