You Can Never Have Enough Toys

Every dog has its day, and I must be one lucky dog to have this MANY toys!  I am always being surprised with a new toy to which I am so thankful. 

Not all dogs have the amount of toys that I have, nor the love that I receive on a daily basis, so that is why I am one lucky dog.  I never imagined when I was adopted almost a year ago, that I would be so lucky and have such a great life.  I remember fighting for my life each and every day, but I had a great foster Mom who fed me and my siblings every half hour, round the clock.  That is why we love the Cleveland APL so much, because without them, I might not have made it.  Then, I was adopted by my Daddy & Mommy who provide me with more love, hugs, kisses, treats & toys that I can handle, but there is always room for another toy! (and more treats too) LOL

I always run around the house, go room to room, and drop my toys all over the place.  At the end of each day, Mommy walks around and picks each and every one up and puts them back in my big red toy box, and she always makes sure that she leaves my two squeaky bones at the foot of the bed so I can use them as a head rest.  (isn’t that so sweet of her?)  I know that she would like it if I would put my toys away myself, but…..I don’t know of any dog who does that – so why should I attempt it?  I always know where to find them! 

Do any of you put your own toys away at night?  If so, how did you learn how to do that? 

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