Toe Cleavage: Hot or Not?

Warmer weather brings on the change of footwear,  your snow boots are stored away and strappy sandals come out of the closet.  For those Fashionista’s who have tons of sandals in their closet, you are in seventh heaven when Mother Nature is good to us.  But since warmer weather means a lot of different things to us, it also means that you show more skin.  We let it “all hang out”, which is quite fine in moderation, but when you see cleavage appearing in the wrong places, well, that is just wrong.  Nothing ruins the look of a pair of sexy heels or adorable flats like toe cleavage.

Toe cleavage by definition is:  The fleshy sections between and around the toes which can be squeezed together to form cleavage when wearing shoes. 

Toe cleavage is never hot, unless you like that sort of thing.  Do you think it’s at least acceptable?  Is there any problem showing off your toe cleavage or would you rather be caught dead than flaunt it?  Nothing is more nauseating than seeing someone (male or female) in a pair of sandals with dry cracked feet.  You decide.

The same is true for “butt cracks”.  You turn around and see this butt cleavage staring you right in the eye – Hot?  Absolutely NOT!  (Geez, wear a belt already) And don’t even get me started on spandex…!  Spandex is a privilege, not a right.  Just because you can squeeze into it, does not necessarily mean you should wear it.   



2 thoughts on “Toe Cleavage: Hot or Not?

    • Yep, it seems that we have a name for everything around here, and yes, toe cleavage is real. Not sure if it is the right name for what you see when you cram your feet into a pair of shoes, but it’s funny.

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