Visitors Galore!

Hey everyone!  It’s me, Nikita!  I just wanted to announce that yesterday I hit 6,000 visitors.  WOW, that is pretty good for a dog, eh?  The funny thing is, is that I started this blog when I was adopted last year because it got hard and time consuming to email family and friends my photographs of me as a puppy, so I decided to start a blog where everyone could go to see what I was up to.  Who knew that it would grow with leaps and bounds with so many followers in a little under a year, that is something that still amazes me.  I am not sure as to what got you here on my blog, what you typed in as a search keyword and found me, or perhaps you saw my comments on someone elses blog & clicked over to see me, whatever the case may be, I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting, stopping by to read an article, or subscribing to my blog!  I appreciate it so much! 

I promise to keep up the good work and bring you interesting articles, not only about me, but about us dogs and how we have fun in life.  I have written important articles on what to do if we get stung by a bee (you need to check out that article & print it out for future reference), the importance of introducing all of my toys to you (the total amount of my squeaky toys have grown a lot lately!  Toys to me is as important as shoes are to a girl!  Can’t have enough of them!), the importance of playing hard with your toys and how they can end up in the “Pet Hospital” on top of the fridge until Mommy fixes them, (the insurance deductibles have been exceeded on some of my toys), how to wait for your Daddy by the front window every night when he returns home from work (then you go crazy when he walks into the house), how to bark properly, why eating mulch is not a good thing for us dogs, how fun it is to eat hail in your yard after a storm, and lots more fun stuff!  So, stay tuned, visit often, and follow me as I grow up!  Thanks again for visiting! 

Smoochies & Hugs to you,
Love Nikita

2 thoughts on “Visitors Galore!

    • Hey Bones! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is hard to get time on the computer, so I sometimes have to sneak in when no one is looking and get my posts in. LOL I have been blogging now for almost a year now and it is a great way to let everyone know what you are up do, what you’re chewing up, and all the fun things that you do. Have fun with it and remember to post some great photos too! Glad to have a new friend!
      Hugs & kisses from Nikita

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