The Art & Science of Barking

Barking, woofing, growling, it’s a thing of art.  Us dogs do it best, and we put a lot of passion behind the science of it.  It’s what we do.  We bark to protect, we bark to ward off intruders, we bark for the hell of it, in general, we bark sometimes at strange things.  Today is no different than the rest, except that there is a strange (new) dog at my neighbors (a yellow lab) who is in the room right outside our kitchen window, and….he is barking.  That is driving me crazy, and I am running around the house like a maniac, from window to window, growling, barking, woofing and even an occasional snort trying to tell that dog that I am here and I am on patrol!  I have been up on the kitchen sink so many times this morning growling & barking at him that Mommy actually caught me in the act.  I turned around and acted so innocent, like I was getting a drink of water or something, but she caught me and laughed.  Ok, back to my patrol, I can hear that dog out of all the windows, so I must run to each window and bark out of it, just in case.  That yellow dog is making the other dogs in the house bark, which then I can hear a harmony of woofs that echo in the morning air. 

The reason behind all of my barking

1. First, find a subject to bark at
2. Make sure your barks are believable
3. Make sure you bark from the gut, as it makes your barks sound meaner
4. Run back & forth while barking, this draw attention to you
5. Make sure you add some growls in between your barks, this makes everyone know you are serious
6. Once you do all of the above, you will get rewarded with “Treats” for a job well done, if not, REPEAT steps 1 thru 5

May the BARK be with you!
Love – Nikita

2 thoughts on “The Art & Science of Barking

  1. I love how you broke down barking for us pups out there. My foster mum is working on me barking and stopping on command. I am allowed one warning bark to communicate to my foster family something is up. Since I’m a big puppy some non K9 people get scared at my deep woof. I need to make the best impression to find my forever family. I have two neighbor doggies who talk all day like your new neighbor. I just sit outside with my sissy with a look on my face that says, “What’s their deal, sheesh!” I feel for you and am excited to read your blog to follow your doggie adventures.
    Puppy tail wags and sniffs!

    • Thanks for your comments & welcome to Nikitaland! I am glad that you enjoy my blog as I try to keep everyone up to date on what I am doing. My blog is almost a year old (Sept will be one year) and I have had lots of fun getting into things and doing some silly things too! Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you stop by again to see what I am up to!

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