The Fly Meets Nikita

Just when I thought that I have done EVERYTHING, I found a new fun past time… chasing flies in the house, then eating them!  Yep, that’s right, I said eating them!  Mommy thinks that’s so gross, but it is fun – You’ve gotta try it one day!   I mean, I was just walking around the house the other day, and something flew by me – ZOOOOOM  it went, so I had to go investigate on what it was (of course).  I ran after that little bugger and finally caught it in the window (at least I thought I did), no wait – there it goes to the other window, snap snap snap go my teeth trying to grab onto that little fly-byer, and I finally got it….it fell to the floor to meet its ultimate doom – me eating it!  Ha, gotcha! 

Waiting For My Next Fly Snack


6 thoughts on “The Fly Meets Nikita

  1. Please stay away from BEES. They fly around your Mommy’s flowers and can hurt your mouth. My Truble got into trouble by catching a bee and it hurt his lip so please be careful!!! Auntie Rene’

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