Post Birthday Palooza

I am still trying to come down from my Birthday Palooza high and I wanted to share with you some of the great gifts I received.   Mommy made me this neat Leash Hook out of a scrap piece of pressed wood.  She designed the letter “N” on her computer first, cut it out of cardstock, then traced it onto a scrap piece of pressed wood that she had left over from all the wood tombstones she has been cutting.  She worked really hard on sanding the N and got it all nice and smooth, then she was ready to paint it black.  After the black dried, she sprayed a nice clear coat over the N to protect & seal it.  Then she added two adorable stainless steel hooks to the bottom of the N so we can hang my leash on it.  How do you think she did?  Pretty neat, eh? 

I also got my first Birthday Cake ever, thanks to Daddy, and it even had my name on it!  How cool is that?  Boy, does it look yummy! 

I also got a neat & very colorful new squeaky toy from my Auntie (I call it a Sunflower), and I got a new pink teddy bear from Grandma (she knows I love the color pink), and I got a new pink & blue squeaky cupcake from Daddy & Mommy.  

Grandma is on the phone..

Grandma even started off my day by calling me and singing happy birthday to me over the phone!  Aw, aren’t Grandma’s the best?!  Daddy also held my birthday cards from my Auntie and Grandma so I could read them.  All in all, I had a great birthday, but I still feel like a puppy, even though I am told I am not a puppy any longer.

My list continues of the things that I BARK at…. I saw this big huge blue circle walking down the street and had to bark at it.  This guy must be trying to beat the heat with this thing!  LOL  I hope he puts his swim trunks on first before jumping in! 

Have a great day & do your best to keep cool in this heat wave we’re having!  All the best, Nikita


4 thoughts on “Post Birthday Palooza

    • Hi Abby! Thanks to you as well! Nikita is one happy dog and very photogenic! We are so blessed that we have her in our life! Stop by again to see what she’s up to!

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