When Lightning Bugs Goes to the Dogs

Fire Pit Night

Just when you think you’re already having a fun weekend, Daddy came up with the idea of having a Fire Pit Night.  He stacked up that fire pit of ours filled with rolled paper, sticks, and wood that he got from Grandpa and created us an adventure!  We sat by the fire pit after dinner and of course, I tried to sneak off with all the little pieces of sticks that were laying on the drive, but Mommy caught me.  I was keeping myself occupied on the lawn with my Nylabone that has a lot of mileage on it, and while the darkness creeped in upon us, I noticed something… the bugs were out! 

Who would have ever guessed that those ordinary looking flying insects that have a glow-in-the-dark rear end or fluorescent fanny would be so much fun to catch!  Mommy told me that they were lightning bugs, but I called them delicious!  I ran for hours all over the yard last night, jumping in the air trying to catch those glow-in-the-dark flying little critters, and what a blast I had.  I wore myself out basically, because I did not get the chance for a nap earlier in the day, so when we came in for the night,I zonkedout on the bed.  I dreamt of my stomach lighting up after how many lightning bugs I consumed, but that quickly passed as I rolled over on my back & passed out again.  What a funny puppy I am!  ha ha
I also found that I have this huge issue with the guy who drives the ice cream truck in our neighborhood.  I am not sure if it is the music he plays as he drives relentlessly around the neighborhood looking for little kids, or the bad muffler he has on his truck that I hear when he approaches the house – no matter what it is that I have an issue with – this truck bothers me! 
So, how did you spend your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  How many bugs did you eat?  
With Love – One Bug Eatin Puppy,

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