Do You Play With Your Food?

Lately, I have started this strange obsession.  I play with my food before I eat it.  I am sure that I am not the only one who does this, as some people have the strange quirk that their food cannot touch eat other on their plate, to which I think is strange, but who am I to judge when I play with mine first.  I am transitioning over from puppy food to adult food, now that I am under 30 days until I turn one, and I must think that my larger bites food is fun!  I take a piece out of my bowl, run around the house with it in my mouth, drop it on the floor, pounce on it a few times, then I lay down on the floor and eat it.  (it takes me awhile to eat a whole bowl of food when I do this, but it’s funny to watch)  I don’t do this every time I get the larger bites, but lately, most of the time I play with my food first. 

Begging for treats at the register

I went to my favorite place again this weekend, PetSmart and got to see all of my friends.  Daddy and I rooted through the clearance bin and checked out all the toys.  I got to meet a lot of new friends too that were in the store – they thought that I was so adorable.  One guy I met by the front door wanted to take me home with him, but I knew that would not happen as Daddy & Mommy know better.  This guy said that he wished he could have a doggie as beautiful as me, so I told him to check with the APL to see if he could get one.  (Hear that APL?  I am referring people to come visit you and adopt a pet)  I also got weighed at PetSmart since it has been awhile since we did this and we found out that I now weigh 59.4 pounds.  WOW!  I am almost 60 pounds!  I am for sure growing up! 

Mommy worked on the tombstones again this weekend and we now have 8 cut out.  She used the electric sander and sanded the tops of all the tombstones so that they are as smooth as a baby’s bottom and she even had an idea and cut out a bat and a moon.  She is going to paint the bat black (of course) and attach the bat to the moon after painting it a really cool orangish-yellow, then she’ll attach them to a doll rod and put outside as a decoration.  (Mommy is really creative, eh?!) 

Oh yeah, before I forget to mention, the little doggie that I mentioned earlier, Charlie, he was finally found and was reunited with his family!  We saw Charlie and his Mommy taking a walk this weekend in the neighborhood and we were so happy to know that he’s now back home! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and are making some awesome plans for the 4th of July weekend!  As for me, I heard that the family is coming over for a cookout.  Great!  That means I get to see Grandma & Auntie again! 

Love Always from one food-playing puppy,

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