Ruff Day at the Office?

Will work for Treats!

Playing dress up is always something fun to do, especially when you get to try on your Daddy’s work ties!  I wanted to get into the fun and dress for “TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK” day, and also surprise my Daddy that I have his tie on!  Hey Daddy, are you surprised?

I did a Google search on “Take your dog to work” and was surprised at how many listings there were for it.  Like I mentioned earlier in the week, I knew that this day was listed on my calendar, but I did not realize how BIG this day/event really was.  From what I gathered, many organizations prepare in advance for this day and make special arrangements for their employee’s pets and make it easy for them to take their pets to work with them for the day.  

I know how to tie a tie!

If you are definitely taking your dog to work with you today, I hope you packed the essentials for them.  As for me, my bag would include:  Treats, treats, and more treats (gotta have them if I am supposed to do tricks for everyone), gotta have my favorite toys with me for the day, my water & food bowls, my leash (so when I have to be taken outside, I can go), and maybe perhaps a nice fluffy portable doggie bed to lay on while I watch Daddy work. 

So hopefully all of you are getting in on the fun and are taking your dog to work with you today, as pets help reduce stress!  Who knows….you may need us when someone asks you “where is your report?” and you can tell them “My Dog Ate It” and it would be the truth!

Have a Ruff Day at the Office! (sit)
Dress Up Puppy, Nikita

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