Neighborhood Follies & Frolics

My radar ears are always…..”on”.  I was laying quietly napping the other night while Daddy & Mommy were kicking some behind in Wii Monopoly, and my radar went off.  I jumped up and ran to the window to see these “big doggies” outside munching on the bushes across the street.  Man, I said to myself that those doggies are “huge”, but Mommy explained to me that they are something called a deer, not a doggie.  (whatever…I just thought they were huge)  I could not believe how many of them came out that night, I wonder if someone was giving away something for free to attract that many of them, who knows, but I just sat by the window and watched. 









I was also sitting by the window and saw the funniest thing.  I saw someone trying to ride a skateboard down the sidewalk while walking two doggies.  Funny, eh?  Yes it was, but of course, that did not go over very well because the skateboard just flew out from under them and rolled past the dogs.  Wish I could have snapped a photo of that! 

Then, the Fire Department did their annual fire hydrant flushing and I heard this huge noise, jumped up, and ran to the front door to just catch the water flying through the air.  It was a really neat thing to see, not to mention it watered our grass that day. 

Anyhow, it seems like it is never a dull moment around here, something is always going on – some sort of follie or frolic is always happening.  Stay tuned to see what happens next! 

“Radar Ears” Nikita

4 thoughts on “Neighborhood Follies & Frolics

  1. Hey Harmony, Yeah we watched the video of you in the pool…what a good swimmer you are! I have never done that before, but it looks like a lot of fun! We are not sure if they found Charlie yet, but we have not seen him walking around the neighborhood either. I hope they did find him though. I am not sure what Max buys at KMart, but I am sure he has a frequent shoppers card that he uses. I heard that when he visits them, that the customer service rep calls his Mommy to come get him. That usually means that the kids are in trouble because they accidentally let him out of the backyard again & was not watching him. I would be so sad if I were not with my Mommy & Daddy because I would miss them and all that they do for me. Us dogs are so lucky to have wonderful people who love us and take care of us. I will keep an eye out for Santa’s deer again and will start making “my list”! hee hee hee Have a great weekend too Harmony! Woof!

  2. Hey Nikita, it’s Harmony! WOW! How COOL is that to see deer while looking out your window! How many did you see? One day when I was home alone, our neighbor told my Mommy that she saw a deer jump over our fence! I don’t know if that is true or not because I was in my crate and could not see out the window. We did have a deer roaming the neighborhoods and another one crashed through someone’s window(The deer was okay!)! So, maybe it is true what our neighbor said? Nikita, I just thought of something. Maybe they are Santa’s reindeer checking up on you. So you had better be on your best behavior; no more shenanigans!! Love, Harmony XO (WOOF!)

    • Hey Woof Woof Harmony, You may be right about the deer being Santa’s helpers, because my Daddy has been mentioning to me a lot lately that I need to start working on my list for Santa and that I need to be good because he’s watching & such…so the deer I see across the street are keeping an eye on me! I have seen at least 8 of them, and I would not doubt it that they could jump over a fence. In one of my earlier posts, Mommy took a few photo’s of their baby deer, that has now gotten bigger. Heck, we have this HUGE chocolate lab named Max around here, and we heard how he walks up to KMart by himself, steps on the automatic door pad, and walks into the store. Now that is funny! I will definitely try to curb my shenanigans so Santa brings me lots of toys! XOXO Nikita

      • WOW! EIGHT deer! Nikita, they have to be Santa’s! He has eight reindeer(not counting Rudolph)pulling his sleigh! You had better be good, just in case! Max is sure one smart doggy and independent too! I wonder what he buys at Kmart? And, how does he pay for things? I hope that he is not a shoplifter, giving us dogs a bad name! But, he sure is a funny Lab! I think that doing cute, funny things is something that comes naturally with us dogs; it makes our Family happy, and that is what we are here to do! Did Charlie come home yet? I hope that he is okay! Nikita, did you like my video of me in the pool with my Daddy and Brother? Hope that you have another GREAT weekend!! Love, Harmony XXOO

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