30 Days Until I’m an Adult

It hits you when you’re not looking, it creeps up on you day after day, heck – it even lurks around the corner.  What is it you ask?  Adulthood!  I just turned 11 months old today and it hit me like a ton of bricks, that I now have 30 days until I become a full grown adult and remove myself from the puppyhood category.  WOW, now what do I do?  I’ve never been an adult before, so what changes?  I know one thing for sure, that my eating habits have changed in the past eleven months.  When I was first adopted and Daddy & Mommy brought me home, I scarfed down my food like there is no tomorrow, I am not even sure I chewed those little kibbles of Science Diet, and now, I take my time, chew each and every morsel in my bowl, and even take a few pieces out and play with them on the floor before eating them. 

So what’s this thing call Adulthood?  Am I going to have to apply wrinkle cream every night to my face, or will I start seeing a “pot belly” or “spare tire” around my waist now, do I have to exercise more, will I stop being carded now when I buy beer, will weird hair grow out of my ears (no wait, I’ve already got that going on), do I need to start trimming my nose hair, or the best yet…do I get to park in those handicap spots that are close to the building?  All of these are good questions, and even though I don’t know the answer of “what’s next” in this thing called Adulthood, I look forward to finding out. 

So, do you love Halloween as much as my Daddy & Mommy do?  I had my first experience with it last year when I was about three months old, and I never knew what would show up in the kitchen.  I ran into Michael Meyers & Jason Voorhees while entering the kitchen for a cool drink of water, and a black cat crossed my path while running under the kitchen table.  (isn’t that a bad thing?) So, to start off the season (you have to plan for Halloween early) Mommy started drawing some life-sized tombstone templates that her and Daddy are going to cut out of wood.  I gave Mommy my two cents worth of ideas while I laid next to her on the kitchen floor when she was drawing…. oh wait, I think I actually told Mommy that looks like something I could pee on in the yard! (ha ha)  She did not think that was funny! LOL    They make a really neat “home haunt graveyard” every year, but have a major problem with the foam tombstones falling down or blowing down the street from the high winds we get, so they decided this year to cut some wood tombstones.  After the tombstones are cut out, a base will be made for them and it will be attached to the tombstone.  A few drill holes in the base will be used to secure them into the ground with some gutter stakes.  And, of course, the most important part is painting them to look old, adding some cool embellishments to the tombstones (RIP) or even some moss glued in the right places will turn these simple tombstones into an awesome home haunt.  When you get the chance, no hurry, but check out their website at www.themesnthings.com to see if you can find something haunting for your own home haunt this year. 

Hey, don’t forget that Father’s Day is tommorrow!  You still have time to shop!

Love ~ Birthday Girl Nikita

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