Spring Clean Your Pooch

Squeaky Clean

What do dogs love the most (besides eating)?  Getting dirty!  No matter how much they love to dig & roll around outside, we need to help keep them clean and well groomed.  A dog who is not well groomed can develop skin problems & other health related issues.  

Since us four-legged friends come in many shapes & sizes, colors & even funky textures, we all require basically the same grooming requirements to keep us looking snazzy & well groomed, not to mention smelling good too. 

BATH TIME:  All dogs need to be bathed on a regular basis.  (no matter how much they hate this)  We should get a bath about every four to six weeks, but depending on your pooch’s length of hair, you may need to wash them more frequently.  Important Note about baths:  Wash their head….last!  The second a dog’s head gets wet, they “shake“.  (also make sure you don’t get any water in their ears too) 

BRUSH YOUR TEETH:  Yes, dogs do get their teeth brushed!  The best way to do so is by using a battery operated spin-toothbrush as this gets the job done faster.  Cleanliness is a must for a dog’s mouth.  No pooch should ever have bad breath.  If they do, they may have a problem with their teeth and gums and suggest that a vet visit is in order.

CLEAN INSIDE THEM EARS:  Ears should be kept clean too, in order to prevent any ear infections.  This is more important for poochies with long drop ears like Beagles (Snoopy Dogs) and Basset Hounds.  Just moisten a cotton ball with a pet ear cleaner and massage inside the ear to get all of that gunk out.

PEDICURES:  Keep those nails trimmed!  Ever listen to your pooch walk on your hardwood floors.  Do you hear that click click click sound?  If so, you might need to get those nails trimmed, because leaving the nails too long might make it hard for them to walk.  If you are cutting them yourself, always make sure you do not cut past the quick, which is the blood vessel inside the nail that runs almost to the end of the nail. 

TAME THE SHED MONSTER:  Daily brushing of your pooch helps with all the unwanted tumble weeds around the house, not to mention it makes them feel better too in these hot summer days ahead.  As I have mentioned before, you should definitely look into purchasing a FURminator for your pooch because this product works so well with hair removal & undercoats.  You will be amazed!  Also, by getting into the habit of brushing your pooch on a daily basis, this will also help cut down on knots & tangles.

Congratulations!  Your Pooch has been successfully Spring Cleaned!  Now go out and enjoy your day with your Pampered Pooch!

Squeaky Clean Pooch,



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