Taming The Shed Monster

Shedding, it’s the natural thing that a pet does, but it does not mean that you have to accept it.  That is why you should definitely look into getting a FURminator for your pet.  We picked one of these up because a friend recommended to us that it works!  From the first time you use it, you will say “WOW” and keep saying that because it works that great!  The FURminator is supposed to eliminate 90% of shedding, so why wouldn’t you want to get rid of those tumble weeds from rolling around in your house. 




Here is an example of what came off of me today, in one day, and what won’t end up on the furniture either.  This neat little tool even takes off my undercoat, and that will help me stay cooler on hot summer days.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Tame that Shed Monster you have in your home and you’ll be happy you did.  Take it from me, Nikita, this thing  is great!  It also works on kitties too!  

The Tamed Shed Monster,



2 thoughts on “Taming The Shed Monster

  1. Poor Lucas and every other dog who goes through this every Summer! I can only imagine how hot they get with all that FUR! This is Nikita’s first Summer, as she is only 10 months old, but she’s shedding quite a bit now and the FURminator is helping so much with removing all of her unwanted hair & undercoat. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Oh my God, our dog Lucas is SO similar to this. It is June and he is JUST now finishing shedding his winter coat. The poor thing! We keep our thermostat around 74 and he still finds it hot! (Less so with 20lbs of hair off of him now…)

    Great post 🙂

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