THINGS That Amaze Puppies

T.G.I.F.!  It’s interesting what puppies find amusing.  We can find the silliest things around the house that interest us, things that you would not even look at, things that you would pass by….not us!  Like me for instance, I caught my shadow on the floor the other day when sitting in front of the kitchen window.  I moved from left to right, bobbed my head up and down, and even wiggled my ears to watch that shadow of mine move.  I thought it was funny.  (the shadow to the right of my fluffy head was the plant in the window

Gotta catch that circle on the wall....

Then Mommy was washing dishes and I found something else amusing.  Normally when she washes dishes, I jump up on the counter to snag a drink of water from the faucet, but today something else caught my eye.  Something was dancing all over the walls and even on the ceiling and I had to try to catch it!  I ran all around the kitchen from one end to the other, and I tried to catch up with the light beam that was running all over.  Mommy noticed what I was up to and told me that it was her watch face reflecting in the sun on the walls.  She told me that I would never catch it, but that did not stop me from trying. 

I even found some fun when Mommy was making dinner last night.  When she wasn’t looking, I grabbed the cardboard box from the Au Gratin Potatoes off the counter and ran like the dickens down the hall! (Heck, I could be the “spokespuppy” for Giant Eagle)  Weeeeeeee, I got it!  And now it’s my job for Mommy not to get it back!  Ha, the fun begins as Mommy notices that I took it off the counter and she “tries” to get it back from me, but I am faster than her.  Back and forth I run, down the hall, around the kitchen table and back again and I still have the box!  Mommy ran down the hallway, I thought to chase after me, but she was running to get her camera.  Oh no, now I have to pose for a picture while playing keep away.  All I wanted to know is…. can I have some potatoes too?

I was also busy this week keeping our house safe & sound from any intruders while I was on “Neighborhood Watch Patrol” and I had my hands full.  There was a party the other night at a neighbors house and tons of people were running all over our yard (not using the sidewalk that was CLEARLY in front of them)  and all I kept doing was growling and barking at them.  Daddy even told a few of them to keep off the grass, but the incoherent party attendees smarted-off to Daddy.  (Jerks)  Daddy was telling them to stay off the lawn because we are trying to fix all the spots in the lawn where I pee’d and trying to get some grass growing, but they kept walking across the grass.  Mommy had a good idea that she should hide on the driveway and spray with the garden hose anyone who walked across the lawn, but she did not do it, but it would have been funny if she did.  (perhaps the drunk party goers would get the point, probably not though)  Anyhow, none of us got any sleep that night because every time I heard a car door, I was up growling out the window and waking Mommy & Daddy at the same time – there were even taxi cabs arriving at 3:30am that got me going again.  Geez, some people have no respect for others.  (and I needed my beauty sleep)

Also while I was on Neighborhood Watch, I was keeping track of the little baby deer that was left by its Mommy for a few days.  That baby deer was so tiny and walked kinda wobbly and we were wondering when its Mommy was going to come back and get it, not to mention when it was going to get some food & water.  Mommy walked across the street to check in on the little baby that found a nice shady spot to lay down in, and it looked really scared.  We hope it finally got reunited with their Mommy! 

Not sure what I am going to get into this weekend, but I know that it will be a lot quieter since the roof job is all done, no more hammering!  Daddy will probably want to grill out and Mommy will work in the yard and make her flowers pretty!  I will definitely get some good photographs of me & keep you all up to date on what I’m doing!  Have a great weekend! 

Light-Chasing Au Gratin Puppy,

2 thoughts on “THINGS That Amaze Puppies

  1. Tell Daddy to get you some Greenies at the Pet Store. That will help to Keep your urine from Burning the grass. Also tell him to check out a book by Jerry Baker about fixing the lawn. I have a recipe to fix the grass. 1st rake up the dead grass next spray the ground with a mixture 1 cup of baby shampoo per 20 gallons of water then apply gypsum as recommanded by the maker. The next week mix 1 can of beer, 1 can of cola(not diet) and 1 cup of ammonia in the 20 gallon sprayer and spray all the grass. It will become a deep green in a couple of weeks. Use the spray every other week all summer. My cousin used this and his grass is beautiful. You can get a 20 gallon sprayer at Silvermans on Harvard Or I can get one for your Daddy and Patrick can possibably give it to him. Hope this helps!!! If the Greenies won’t work if you could eat a teaspoon of Brewer’s yeast daily your urine won’t burn the yard. This also makes fleas Flee. Auntie Rene’ (I can’t spell!!!!)

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