The Sky is Falling

Hey Everyone!  It’s me, Nikita.  I have been really busy since last Thursday.  Mommy snookered me and got me into the bathtub on Thursday so I could be nice & clean smelling for the holiday weekend.  I have to give her credit because it did make me feel better, not to mention I smelled better too!  You should have seen me all wet though, as I looked like a drowned rat with no fluffy tail.  (I got better looking the more I dried)  Daddy was surprised when he got home from work because I greeted him at the door all wet!  hee hee hee

Anyhow, Daddy was off from work on Friday because he was getting a new roof installed on our house & garage.  Friday started off quite interesting because all of the materials for the job were starting to be delivered.  This huge flatbed truck rolled up in front of our house that was as long as the length of our whole front yard, and this driver maneuvered his truck into our narrow driveway without hitting the mailbox or even driving over the grass!  (it was quite amazing to watch it)  While the driver was backing in, a little old grandma must have been in a big hurry, because she drove up over the lawn across the street, over the grass, and went around the truck.  We all just stood there with a shocked look on our face & could not believe that granny did that! (wish I could have got a photo of that!) 

Anyhow, the roofers started to take all of the material off the truck by a conveyor belt that was on the truck.  This thing was really awesome because it pulled all of the heavy shingles up onto the roof, without the roofers having to carry each and every bundle.  We also did the math and figured out how many shingles we got and how much they weighed.  We had 93 bundles of shingles (3 bundles covered approximately 100 sq. ft) .  In each bundle there were 20 singles.  So, we figured we had 1,860 shingles that covered 3,100 sq. ft., with a weight of 7,440 pounds.  WOW! 

If any of you that are in the local Cleveland area and need a great roofer, you guys definitely need to contact us for information on them!  They are the best roofers around, not to mention that Mike who was our contractor, also does home repairs too!  These guys worked so well together and also the clean up in the yard was very minimal because they used huge tarps to cover up the house and bushes so that nothing was damaged.  We can’t tell you enough on how happy we are with the new roof and the crew, that we want all of you to know about them. 

I was a little bothered by all the noise though that the roofers were making with their tools, but I quickly got used to the sound.  I ran from window to window to the back door to watch them all day, and I thought at first that the sky was falling when I saw pieces falling by the back door, but Mommy told me that it was just the old shingles, not the sky. 

When the roofers started on the garage, I could watch out the back bedroom window now so I would not miss out on anything!  They even had to take off a lot of the plywood on the garage since it was damaged.  (this was the original roof on the house & garage of about 25 years, so it was time to get a new roof)

Mommy had a good time taking photographs during the roof install and she got some interesting photo’s.  But, what was the most interesting “find” of the day, was a 42 calibur shotgun shell that was “not” used.  It was live ammo!  The roofers found it under the shingles on the garage roof.  Wonder where this thing came from?!   (when you think about it, the roof was 25 years old – so, that bullet had to be up there since 1986) 

It was a long day, but the job was finally finished and the new roof looks awesome!  Don’t forget, if you are in the Cleveland area and need an awesome roofer, give us a shout and we can provide you with their information!   Mommy even had to go up on the roof to check it out and she got some neat rooftop photos of the neighborhood.  What a sight when you get a new perspective on your neighborhood!  When all the clean up was done, one of the roofers wanted to play with me and we had a lot of fun in the front yard – we now call him Uncle Mike.  He was so nice and I loved jumping around sparring with him! 

Uncle Mike

Anyhow, I’ve got to get going for now, Mommy wants to use the computer, but I will write a little more later on the rest of my weekend!  I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend & ate lots of hot dogs!  (for me, I did not eat any raw hamburgers this time

The Roof-Watcher Puppy,

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