Can You Wear Flip Flops to Bed?

When do I ever have a weekend that isn’t a party?  Daddy & Mommy took me to see my friends at PetSmart again and I got some great photographs of my trip!  Here I am with Daddy checking out the new supply of squeaky monkeys, are they so cool?  I love going down the toy aisle and seeing what’s new, but I never pull any of them off the shelf which amazes me. 

I also got a new harness that Daddy bought me (thanks Daddy)  so I can go on walkies “without pulling” them down the sidewalk.  It is called a SPORN HALTER.  I tried it on in the store and from the second I had it on, I actually walked 100% better!  I actually walked around PetSmart without pulling or scurring with my paws all over the slippery floor – I walked normal right by Mommy’s side like I should.  This is something that YOU should look into getting your favorite four-legged buddy because it WORKS!  If you have a dog like me, who pulls you when you walk, then you should get this for them.  It is quite amazing….you just hook the collar around the neck, and take each strap and run it under the front legs and then hook the end to the collar, then you just pull the little strap on top of the neck to tighten the slack in the cord, & hook your normal leash to it.  That’s it!  In a normal harness, the dog is allowed to use their own strength which is why you are being “pulled” down the sidewalk, but with this Sporn Halter on, it balances out us furry four-legged friends and pulls us forward, which stops us pulling YOU. 

Amber is one of the Trainers at PetSmart

While walking around the store, I got to meet a “new” four-legged friend, their name is “Stormy“.  Stormy was only nine weeks old and was full of zip and ran around lightning fast (wonder if that is how they got their name?) and I thought that it was so neat that I made a new friend today.  I hope I get to run into Stormy again so I can say “Hi”.  (Isn’t Stormy so adorable?)   

I also can’t leave the store without visiting the Birdies!  They just amaze me when they hop all over their little cages and tweet – I think it is so cute.  I wish I could play with them, but I don’t think that would be a good thing. 

I also got to chat (with Mommy & Daddy, of course) with this nice sales guy named Mike.  Mike was a nutrition guy and knew his stuff when it comes to dog food.  Daddy got me some new food to try and Mike said that it would be good for my hips and make my coat nice and shiny!  (When I got home, I tried some and it was really good)  Before we left, I had to give Mike some smoochies! 

Nutritian Talk With Mike

Once again, we had a fun-filled afternoon at PetSmart, got a new harness so I can walk without pulling, got some new (yummy) food, met a new furry friend (Woof Woof Stormy), got to see my buddy Amber again (gotta love Amber, she really knows her stuff) and it was time to check out.  This is always something fun for me and you would normally think that “checking out” would not be fun, but I make it FUN!  I stand up so I can see over the counter, beg for treats, and try to run my paws over the scanner to see how much I am!  (What a funny dog I am, or what?!)  All the cashiers laugh every time I do this! 

Chuck, PetSmart Cashier!

Well, I gotta go and get ready to greet Daddy at the back door because it’s almost time for him to come home.  And don’t forget that American Idol is on tomorrow night (Tuesday), so don’t miss it!  This ought to be interesting! 

The New Calm Walker,

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