Drop & Give Me 10

Drop & give me 10….10 reasons to love ya!  My Auntie Annette stopped over last night while we were watching American Idol and just made my day!  She gave me all kinds of attention, huggies, and kissies and she even played ball with me.  (even though I still did the same thing and “booped” her with my ball to let her know that I wanted to play, then teased her when I ran away with it!)  I love it when she comes to visit me as I always try to be on my best behavior.  I tried so hard to keep my eyes on the TV so I would not miss a second of Idol, (as I did not want to miss out on who was being sent home), but it was so hard not to jump up on her lap for some attention. 

Well, from what I caught on Idol last night in all the excitement of my visitor, I got to see the Final Three contestant’s videos of them going home to see all of their friends and family.  All of their videos were awesome and very touching and you could tell that they were all chocked up from seeing how many people were waiting for them with a warm reception.  Then, after tons of waiting….Ryan Seacrest finally announced “who” was going home.  And boy oh boy were we happy with the results – Haley Reinhart was being sent home and would not continue in her fight for the Top Spot, being the next American Idol.  She looked like a deer in headlights when she heard the news.  We were just waiting for the flood gate of tears to open when the camera panned over to Lauren who was just told she was in the Top 2 with Scotty.  WOW, what an ending it was on Idol – two country singers will now battle it out for the finale next week to be “The Next American Idol”. (This ought to be interesting, but we feel that Scotty will probably end up being the next Idol, as Lauren will most likely crack under the pressure)  Since our favorite Idol, James Durbin is no longer in the running for AI, our vote is for Scotty.  Poor Haley, she thought she had this one “in the bag”, too bad that it was up to America to vote….and they voted her off.  (she might have still been “in it to win it“, if it were the judges voting)

Bye Bye

Mommy took a short walk to the bank this morning (but I could not go with her since Doggies are not allowed in the bank) and she stopped at KMart on her way home to look at the flowers in the Garden Center.  She is trying to figure out what kind of beautiful flowers to put in the front yard to add that perfect splash of color.  On her way home, she was chased by a goose in the field by KMart.  When she got home she told me about how that bad goose chased her, but she said that it did that because it was probably protecting her young babies.  (even so, that goose is cooked for chasing my Mommy) Grrrrr   I knew that I did not like those squawking geese – remember, they were the ones that were on the roof of the building across the street from me that drove me nutso.   

Anyhow, when Mommy got home from the bank, she took me over to visit Maggie & Lisa who work across the street.  I can visit them only on Fridays because their boss (the doctor) is not there.  I don’t stay long, because I don’t want to get them in trouble, so I make sure I use my time wisely and get lots of attention from them (and treats too) in a short time.  And, the funny thing is that every time I go over for a visit, the Doctor calls in and I have to be real quiet and not bark. (insert small woof here)   Time for a nap now! 

Anyhow, it’s Friday and I am sure that I will be up to lots of things over the weekend, but I am going to try to NOT eat any mulch this weekend, or I am in big trouble from Mommy & Daddy.  Before I forget, I wanted to share with you some more pictures from last night’s visit from my Auntie.  Before she left, she had to visit with my other furry sisters & brother: Princess, Angelica & Gabriel.  Gabriel is always a hoot because he is always under foot and likes climbing on things…..and, well took advantage of my Auntie’s back to climb on!  It was really funny because he would not get off either.  (silly cat

Have a great goose-chasing weekend,
Hugs & wet puppy smoochies to you – Nikita


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