Meat & Potatoes of Puppy Play Time

What’s a puppy to do?  We play, right?  We play hard, even rough sometimes, and the things that take the toll (and sometimes damage) are our toys.  I have to admit it that my Mommy has had to sew and re-sew each and every one of my toys on many many occasions. (a few are still in our “Pet Hospital” that resides on top of the fridge)  For example, my very first toy the day I was adopted was purchased at PetSmart when Mommy & Daddy took me shopping & got me all the things that I needed.  They picked out this really neat orange “BOO” toy (with an awesome squeaker too) because they love Halloween and felt that I should have a Halloween toy as my 1st toy, and as you can see, I still have it.  It’s a little bruised, battered, tattered and sewn, and it’s missing the neat rope tie that was on the top.  This toy means the most to me because it was my first.

The second toy in the photo above is my “Ginger Boy” that Grandma got me before Christmas.  Ginger Boy is the only toy that has not needed “surgery” (yet). 


My third toy shown, is “Teddy“.  Ahhhh, what to say about my Teddy?  Well, Teddy is my best friend, he’s always there for me, waiting in my toy box when I want to play & sometimes he snuggles with me at night time.  Unfortunately, I have ripped off both of Teddy’s ears, ripped open that adorable face only to have his stuffing come out of his nose.  But Mommy came to the rescue (again) and sewed his ears back on and did major plastic surgery to repair his face.  He’s back to normal again, phew!  (Thanks Mommy

My next row of toys include my “Frankenhedgie“.  He got his name because after all of the sewing that Mommy has done on this little furry fella, he looks like Frankenstein, but is supposed to be a Hedge Hog.  As you can see from the photo, Frankenhedgie is still in the Pet Hospital on top of the fridge.  (Mommy & Daddy said that I cannot eat the stuffing)  Frankenhedgie for some reason, turns me into a maniac puppy when I play with him!  I am not sure if it is because he makes this neat grunting sound when I shake him or that his squeaker just works me up when I squeeze him.  Whatever the case may be, I just go nutso when he comes out of my toy box. 

My next toy is called “Pinky” (how original of a name, eh?)  Pinky is a fun toy to play with too, but he does not work me up like Frankenhedgie does.  When I play with Pinky I throw him way up in the air and try to catch him.  He is super soft, larger than most of my toys, and is a soft place to put my head on when napping. 

Al E. Gator” is the next toy in line, and he has been through the ringer with me.  He is now missing an eye, a back leg and a front leg.  I ripped that Gator open so many times now, that Mommy had to amputate a few “limbs” so that I could play with him again.  Poor Al, he was abused so much, but that means that I love him and that he is really fun to play with.  At least he still has one eye to see me coming!  LOL

The next toy (in the bottom row) needs no introduction….”EB” was bought for me at Marcs because I was a good little girl one day and Mommy found me a new toy before Easter.  EB is yet another toy of mine that has been to the Pet Hospital many times that his insurance card was denied!  I chewed up EB so bad before Easter that he did not even visit me with an Easter Basket because I was so bad.  Rats! 

Ah, my “Blue & White Bone” – love this little bone!  When I was smaller, I used to lay my head on this toy and fall asleep.  I still can’t believe it is still in good shape and has all of its stuffing, but it does.  If you look back in my older posts, you can find some cute photos of me napping with my bone!  (Oh yeah, my Grandma got me this one too)

And, last but not least, is my “BIG Orange Pumpkin“.  This toy is awesome because it’s so BIG.  My orange pumpkin has the same effect on me as Frankenhedgie because when I get that thing in my mouth, I can shake that huge pumpkin back and forth while it beats my sides!  Man, it is so much fun to hit yourself with this pumpkin!  I remember one time when I was playing with this orange guy, that it accidentally flipped out of my mouth and landed up on the counter, then I sat there wondering how to get it. 

Now, this is just 9 of my 23 toys and they all have great stories behind them.  For me to have this many toys, I must be one lucky puppy, as many puppies don’t even have one.  I don’t want to brag at how many toys I have, rather I want to boast on how fortunate I am to have a great Daddy & Mommy that love me so much and give me the good things in life that a puppy needs. 

One happy toy-chewing puppy,

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