When Friday the 13th Meets the Hamburglar

It all started with a piece of…mulch.  Well, actually, it started on Thursday the 12th for me and led into Friday the 13th, which doesn’t surprise me on how it ended.  You know us dogs, we like to investigate, we like to sniff, and we love to eat things that we are not supposed to, like mulch, for example.  This is exactly what I did.  Unfortunately for me, I found out the hard way that eating mulch is NOT a good thing for dogs in general, and definitely as it turns out, NOT a good thing for me.  I am so inquisitive about, well…everything, and all of that stuff around Mommy & Daddy’s flowers looked good enough to…eat, and that is what I ended up doing – eating the mulch!  I found out the hard way that this is something that us dogs should not eat because it can make us sick, and sick to the stomach is what I got, not to mention what happens on “the way out” of our stomach when we, well…have to “go” – “It’s not a pretty sight” of what is left in the grass. 

If you remember in one of my earlier posts this week, I had to go to the “V E T S” to get my nails trimmed, and you all know how much I hate that, not to mention on what a baby I am about it all, well….because of my “mulch eating“, I had to head back to the “V E T S” on Friday morning because I got sick and threw up.  (Bummer for me)  “Oh no, not this place again!” is what I said to Mommy when we drove up to the “V E T S” and I started to wonder “what in the heck did I do to deserve to come to this place (again)“.  I sat with Mommy in the waiting room and actually kinda hid behind her chair for a bit before I heard my name being called (again).  I knew that today’s visit was NOT going to be a good thing, I just knew it.  Immediately entering the room, I was swooped off my feet and placed on that cold steel table (Mommy was right there by me comforting me as usual) by the nice Doctor and his assistant.  No matter how sweet that guy talked to me, I did not want him messing around with my “back end” and taking my temperature, but that is what happened.  Eeeeek!   At least I found out that  my temperature was normal, but I was being sent home with some prescription medicine and special prescription dog food to eat over the weekend.  So, did you think that I learned my lesson that I should not eat mulch?  Probably not, but I hope that I don’t have to go through this again because having a sour stomach is not a fun thing at all. 

Well, don’t think that the fun Friday the 13th festivities ended with that trip to the vets, as it got worse!  I spent most of the day trying to recover from a sick stomach, took a few naps to rest, and waited for Daddy to come home from work.  Then “it” happened.  I did the unthinkable…. while Mommy stepped outside for a few minutes, I….well, helped myself to the plate that had their dinner on it that she was thawing – hamburgers & hot dogs.  I ate the whole raw hamburger right off the plate that was sitting on top of the stove behind Mommy’s back!  When Mommy came back into the house, I ran up to her with such a smile on my face (and at that moment she did not know what I had done yet) but, she did….seconds later when she went to get the plate off the stove and saw only the hot dogs laying there.  She ran to the window to tell Daddy what I just did, then grabbed the phone to call the “VETS” to see what she should do for me.   They ended up telling her that since I am already on medicine for a sick stomach, that I should be ok & that for dogs eating a raw hamburger is not the same thing as a human eating it, so I lucked out….luckily.  Sooooo, Mommy & Daddy watched me all night long to make sure that I did not, well you know…throw up again (and to my & their surprise, I did not). 

So, the moral of this story is never is it a good thing to eat mulch (but we’ll do it anyways because we’re dogs) and Friday the 13th & bad things do happen in a goofy kind of way.  (at least no black cats crossed my path that day)  And, Daddy, I promise to try to not eat things that I shouldn’t. (fingers paws crossed)

Mulch is not our friend…
Love & puppy burgers, Nikita


3 thoughts on “When Friday the 13th Meets the Hamburglar

  1. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon! I am feeling a little better, because I want to play and run around. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that eating mulch is NOT a good thing. Tummy aches take away from my play time. Hide your hamburg from Harmony! LOL

    • We are VERY HAPPY to hear that you are feeling a little better!! It’s not any fun when you don’t feel well!! It affects playtime here too when I don’t feel well! And, Nikita, I LOVE a good cheeseburger but only if it is cooked!! Everyone here says, “Keep getting better and STAY OUT of the mulch!!” Puppy and Doggy Kisses to you! WOOF(Love), Harmony XO

  2. Oh, Nikita, Nikita…! We are very sorry to hear that you have a tummy-ache! Keep taking your medicine, and you will feel better very soon!! WE LOVE YOU, Nikita!!!!! GET WELL SOON!!!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!

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