Reasonable Expectations

Glad I’m Home

It’s reasonable to expect to be a little scared when you hear the word “vets“, and today was no different reaction when I heard them.  Mommy took me today to the “V E T S” to get my nails trimmed (and boy oh boy did they need it) and although we had a nice car ride there, watching all the cars go by, and trying to sniff at people in the car next to me, the uncomfortable feeling arose when we drove into the usually busy (but at the time we went, no one was in the parking lot) parking lot at the “V E T S“.  I thought perhaps we were somewhere, anywhere different than this place, but I was wrong.  Mommy walked around and got me out of the car and I felt panicky, but walked with her through the front door of “smell heaven” (oh the smells of other dogs are all over this place).  When we got inside, we noticed a somewhat smaller dog than me who apparently got bit by another dog on his nose and needed some medical attention.  That doggie seemed sad (just like me, but only because I knew where I was), but he was sad because his nose must have hurt and I can understand that.  Me?  I was just being a BIG Baby, that’s all.  When I heard them call my name, I went “uh oh” and a nice lady came out to get me.  Man did I try my darndest to try to run, but that floor was slippery and she ended up finally getting me in behind the front counter and then I heard the counter door slam shut behind me. Noooooo!  Where’s my Mommy?  Mommmmmmmy!!!   Mommy could not save me, this time, but I was not gone long and was back in my Mommy’s arms getting treats and hugs from her.  I did find out though, that I now weigh 54.2 lbs.  (wait til Daddy hears that!) 

Mommy and I are going to spend some time together today outside picking weeds from the flower beds, and planting flower seeds since it is nice and sunny.  Daddy got me a new lead tie-off for the backyard, so I can now run around all over (& get into trouble – or into the mulch) and chase my ball or frisbee.  Hopefully Mommy can get some good photographs of me sunning myself! 

Have a great Mulch-Eating sunny day,

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