Reality Check

Autograph Anyone?

Hey everyone….it’s Thurday, and you know what that means….ELIMINATION NIGHT on American Idol!  And…if anyone is interested in getting this photograph of “ME” singing, let me know and I’ll send it to you! 

Once again, Daddy, Mommy and I were glued to the TV set last night to watch American Idol – The Top 6 that will soon be 5.  This one is a nail biter for sure, as it is getting harder each week to figure out “who” will be going home.  I forgot to blog last Friday that we were excited to see Stefano Langone get sent home – it was time for him to go.  The only votes that Stefano was receiving were probably from all the teenie-boppers who were “in love” with a youthful hottie – but I guess they weren’t listening to his lyrics that closely. 

We already know (between Daddy, Mommy & I) who the Next American Idol will be, as we have been saying it for the last few months.  We know that James Durbin is going to end up as this years American Idol.  We have discussed it amongst ourselves, and James has been the most consistent in performances than any other contestant, and he has NEVER been on the Bottom 3, can sing fluently anything he attempts, and is the most entertaining performer on Idol.  Good Luck James, we are rooting for you to win!  Just think…with only 6 Idols remaining, “half” of them will be in the Bottom 3 tonight!

Who do you think is going to be the Next American Idol?  Let me know! 

Puppy Idol Rocker,


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